January 16, 2016

Green Card for Fairplay introduced in Italy's 2nd Division

Reward instead of punishment: The Serie B match La Spezia vs Bari officiated by Aleandro Di Paolo was no match like the others: For the first time, a green card has belonged to the referee's equipment apart from the usual colors yellow and red. With the deployment of this additional card, the Italian football association sends a signal for the benefit of fairplay.

Actions like all-time World Cup record goal-scorer Miroslav Klose's honest confession that he had handled the ball into the goal missed by the match officials are soon honoured by a green card issued by the referee.

Fairplay such as saving a referee from a serious error, supporting opponents who are injured and comparable actions thus will be rewarded in future - instead of punishing missing fairness. Who will be green-carded is at the referee's discretion.

At the end of each month and the season, there will be a winner with the referee department and ethics committee awarding a prize to one of those who got into the book of the referee - but exceptionally in a positive way.

In my view: A really nice action but at the same time a sad proof of the shortcomings of fairplay. If you have to make incentives to act fairly, this says quite much.

What do you think?


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