February 22, 2016

Youth League 2015/16 - Round of 16 - Referee Appointments

UEFA has appointed the following officials  to handle 2015/16 UEFA Youth League  Round of 16 matches.

23.02.2016, 14:00 CET
Mini Estadi, Barcelona (ESP)
Barcelona (ESP) - Midtjylland (DEN)
Referee: Georgi Kabakov (BUL)
Assistant Referee 1: Martin Margaritov (BUL)
Assistant Referee 2: Martin Venev (BUL)
Fourth Official: David Medié Jiménez (ESP)
UEFA Referee Observer: Bernardino González Vázquez (ESP)
UEFA Delegate: Paul Daniel Zaharia (ROU)

23.02.2016, 16:00 CET
Chelsea Football Club Training Ground, Surrey (ENG)
Chelsea (ENG) - Valencia (ESP)
Referee: Adrien Jaccottet (SUI)
Assistant Referee 1: Vital Jobin (SUI, photo, r.)
Assistant Referee 2: Marco Zürcher (SUI)
Fourth Official: Darren England (ENG)
UEFA Referee Observer: Stephen Lodge (ENG)
UEFA Delegate: Patrik Filipek  (CZE)

23.02.2016, 18:00 CET
Estadio Alfredo Di Stefano, Madrid (ESP)
Real Madrid (ESP) - Manchester City (ENG)
Referee: Marco Guida (ITA)
Assistant Referee 1: Giacomo Paganessi (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2: Giorgio Peretti (ITA)
Fourth Official: Valentín Gómez (ESP)
UEFA Referee Observer: Juan Antonio Fernández Marin (ESP)
UEFA Delegate: Denis Bastari (ALB)

23.02.2016, 19:00 CET
Constant Vanden Stock Stadium, Brussels (BEL)
Anderlecht (BEL) - Dinamo Zagreb (CRO)
Referee: Andris Treimanis (LVA)
Assistant Referee 1: Haralds Gudermanis (LVA)
Assistant Referee 2: Aleksejs Spasjonnikovs (LVA)
Fourth Official: Wesley Alen (BEL)
UEFA Referee Observer: Frank De Bleeckere (BEL)
UEFA Delegate: Loukas Siotropos (GRE)

24.02.2016, 14:00 CET
Sportcomplex de Herdgang, Eindhoven (NED)
PSV Eindhoven (NED) - AS Roma (ITA)
Referee: Michael Tykgaard (DEN)
Assistant Referee 1: Dennis W. Rasmussen (DEN)
Assistant Referee 2:  Amir Sabic (DEN)
Fourth Official: Jeroen Manschot (NED)
UEFA Referee Observer: Marinus Koopman (NED)
UEFA Delegate: Gordon Pate (SCO)

24.02.2016, 16:00 CET
Stade Georges-Lefèvre, Saint-Germain-en-Laye (FRA)
Paris (FRA) - Middlesbrough (ENG)
Referee: Alexander Harkam (AUT)
Assistant Referee 1: Andreas Staudinger (AUT)
Assistant Referee 2: Robert Steinacher (AUT)
Fourth Official: Nicolas Dzubanowski (FRA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Ray Ellingham (WAL)
UEFA Delegate: Mikael Salzer (SWE)

24.02.2016, 17:00 CET
Plaine des Jeux de Gerland, Lyon (FRA)
Lyon (FRA) - Ajax (NED)
Referee: Kevin Clancy (SCO)
Assistant Referee 1: Sean Carr (SCO)
Assistant Referee 2: Douglas Potter (SCO)
Fourth Official: Hakim Ben El Hadj (FRA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Alain Hamer (LUX)
UEFA Delegate: Borja Bilbao (ESP)

24.02.2016, 17:00 CET
Na Litavce, Pribram (CZE)
Příbram (CZE) - Benfica (POR)
Referee: Sergei Ivanov (RUS)
Assistant Referee 1: Anton Averianov (RUS)
Assistant Referee 2: Igor Demeshko (RUS)
Fourth Official: Jiří Houdek (CZE)
UEFA Referee Observer: Miroslav Liba (CZE)
UEFA Delegate: Haris Gvozden (BIH)


  1. Why there are not French observers in France like it is usual and in all the other match destinations too? (Ellingham in Paris, Hamer in Lyon)

    1. Well, perhaps there weren't available observers from France for these matches. However, it is not a written rule of course.

      It seems as Kabakov had a quite challenging game, how many cards.

  2. Jacottet and his AR1 Jobin with a controversial penalty whistle in favor of VAL some minutes ago (81'). Otherwise a good performance as far as I could see but I did not watch the whole game. Anyway I think Jacottet is definitely a referee with a lot of potential, probably the biggest Swiss hope besides Sandro Schärer who is in the second group too (but Schärer is 5 years younger).

    1. Missed goal by Jacottet and AR during PSO, first penalty by Valencia.
      That's, I'm sorry, a too huge mistake.

    2. I wrote my positive words for Jacottet before the penalty shoot-out. Very huge mistake of course, not good for his future...

    3. Valencia has announced that they will appeal the penalty: http://www.superdeporte.es/valencia/2016/02/23/valencia-impugnara-partido-hay-precedente/287417.html

      Frankly, for me it should be repeated. And I would not blame so much the referee but specially the AR.


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