April 28, 2016

Referees and assistant referees for Under 17 EURO 2016

UEFA Referees Committee has appointed the following officials to attend this year's Under-17 European Championship in Azerbaijan from 5 to 21 May.  Eight referees, twelve assistant referees and four fourth officials have been selected from different countries. 

As usual, only referees from nations without a football team actively joining the tournament have been chosen.

Group A: Azerbaijan, Portugal, Belgium, Scotland
Group B: Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Group C: France, Denmark, England, Sweden
Group D: Italy, Serbia, Netherlands, Spain

Referees (8):
Fran Jović (Croatia, 1984)
Petr Ardeleanu (Czech Republic, 1980)
Ville Nevalainen (Finland, 1984)
Gunnar Jarl Jónsson (Iceland, 1983)
Svein Erik Edvartsen (Norway, 1979)
Bartosz Frankowski (Poland, 1986)
Peter Královič (Slovakia, 1983)
Mitja Žganec (Slovenia, 1983)

Assistant referees (12):
Georgi Todorov (Bulgaria, 1980)
Marios Dimitriadis (Cyprus, 1983)
Neeme Neemlaid (Estonia, 1985)
Andrew Christiansen (Faroe Islands, 1978)
Levan Varamishvili (Georgia, 1985)
Lazaros Dimitriadis (Greece, 1982)
Balázs Buzás (Hungary, 1986)
Emmett Dynan (Republic of Ireland, 1984)
Vasili Ermischin (Moldova, 1980)
Edward Spiteri (Malta, 1977)
Alain Heiniger (Switzerland, 1986)
Ceyhun Sesigüzel (Turkey, 1982)

Fourth officials (4):
Aliyar Aghayev (Azerbaijan, 1987)
Orkhan Mammadov (Azerbaijan, 1985)
Sergejus Slyva (Lithuania, 1980)
Alain Durieux (Luxembourg, 1985)


  1. Why not a German case? Have we so bad refs? :(

    1. Because there are only referees and assistants from countries, whose teams are not playing in the tournament.

  2. Only Edvartsen and Nevalainen are second group, the other ones third group; that seems strange that uefa pick up in the bottom of the list. I wish all of them that it could be an opportunity and a test for future promotion in July. Does somebody know some features of these selected referees ? how are they doing in their respective local championship ? How did they perform in their previous international matches ?

    1. Frankowski is a Second Group referee too.

      One of the most important factors is a professional status of referee. Frankowski, Jović and Ardeleanu are professional referees, don't know if others too, but I suppose some of them can be pro as well.

      UEFA reward national federations that introduce semi-professonalism or professionalism for their referees by appointing such referees to more interesting games and tournaments (see Marciniak, Raczkowski, Frankowski).

      Frankowski is not a complete referee but is close to reach this target. He was very strict and 'by the book' referee at the beginning of his professional career but has became more mature and allows more physical play nowadays.

  3. bayern vs atletıco?

  4. Any info on observers for next week?

    1. Eriksson has a match on Monday. So he is surely out from CL semifinals.


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