July 20, 2016

Under-19 EURO 2016: semifinals and Under-20 WC play-off appointments

Roi Reinshreiber  and Radu Petrescu have beeen appointed by UEFA to officiate 2016 U19 Championship's semifinals, to be played on 21 July 2016.

21 July 2016, 12:00 CET (Mannheim)
England - Italy
Referee: Roi Reinshreiber (Israel)
Assistant Referee 1: Douglas Ross (Scotland)
Assistant Referee 2: Igor Demeshko (Russia)
4th Official: Bart Vertenten (Belgium)
UEFA Referee Observer: Terje Hauge (Norway)
UEFA Delegate: Rudolf Zavrl (Slovenia)
The 3rd Team Live Observer: Niclas (Germany)

21 July 2016, 17:00 CET (Mannheim)
Portugal - France
Referee: Radu Petrescu (Romania)
Assistant Referee 1: Milovan Djukić (Montenegro)
Assistant Referee 2: Ridiger Çokaj (Albania)
4th Official: Anatolii Zhabchenko (Ukraine)
UEFA Referee Observer: Matteo Simone Trefoloni (Italy)
UEFA Delegate: Armen Minasyan (Armenia)
The 3rd Team Live Observer: Niclas (Germany)

Moreover,  Spanish Alejandro Hernández will officiate 2017 FIFA U20 World Cup play-off, to be played between Germany and Netherlands.

21 July 2016, 19:00 CET (Sandhausen)
Germany - Netherlands
Referee: Alejandro José Hernández Hernández (Spain)
Assistant Referee 1: Vladimir Gerasimov (Lithuania)
Assistant Referee 2: Geir Isaksen (Norway)
4th Official: Aliyar Aghayev (Azerbaijan)
UEFA Referee Observer: Emil Bozinovski (FYR Macedonia)
UEFA Delegate: Rudolf Marxer (Liechtenstein)


  1. My predictions for final:
    Bart Vertenten (BEL)
    Geir Isaksen (NOR)
    Douglas Ross (SCO)
    Alejandro Jose Hernandez Hernandez (ESP)

  2. Milorad Mazic to referee UEFA Super Cup


    1. Wonderful achievement, well deserved.

      And what a beginning for Marciniak- promoted to Elite, EURO, Super Cup final..

    2. Congratulations to Mazic. Deserved apointment after a good EURO. And something new: a referee from another country as fourth official. Congratulations too to Marciniak.

  3. My predictions for final:
    Referee: Alejandro José Hernández Hernández (Spain)
    Assistant Referee 1: Milutin Djukić (Montenegro) - No Milovan
    Assistant Referee 2: Douglas Ross (Scotland)
    4th Official: Anatolii Zhabchenko (Ukraine)

  4. I have watched previous Vertenten's match and I really enjoyed in his performance. Bright future in front of him.


  5. Hernández Hernández has playoff Germany-Netherlands.

  6. Big words from the English FA. Now it remains to be seen whether they will be applied, especially the YC for any contact with the referee and for every mass confrontation. I daresay it is a well needed remedy, though - we all remember the 11 Chelsea players surrounding Kuipers in Paris.

    1. Sorry, forgot the link: http://www.premierleague.com/news/65240

    2. Very interesting piece of info. Curious how will it look in real!

  7. 3rd Q. Round CL

    Salzburg/FK Liepaja-Partizani/Ferencvaros
    UEFA Referee Observer: Christakis Skapoullis (CYP)

    3rd Q. Round EL

    Piast Gliwice/Goteborg-Beroe Stara Zagora/Helsinki
    UEFA Referee Observer: Georgios Bikas (GRE)

    Vojvodina/Connah’ Quay Nomads-Dinamo Minsk/Saint Patrick’s Athletic
    UEFA Referee Observer: Christoforos Zografos (GRE)

    Arouka - Heracles Almelo
    UEFA Referee Observer: Kostas Kapitanis (CYP)

    1. CL

      Rosenborg/Norrköping – The New Saints/Apoel
      UEFA Referee Observer: Juan Fernandez Marin (ESP)

      Häcken/Cork City - Genk/Budućnost
      UEFA Referee Observer: Bernandino Gonzalez Vasquez (ESP)

      Zimbru/Osmanlispor - Nömme Kalju/Maccabi Haifa
      UEFA Referee Observer: Manuel Lopez Fernandez (ESP)

      Birkirkara FC/Heart of Midlothian - Futbolʹnyĭ Klub Krasnodar
      UEFA Referee Observer: Manuel Enrique Mejuto Gonzalez (ESP)

  8. Expected and deserved appointment for Mazic; it's the right and balanced choice considering his performance at Euro 2016, his previous level and the fact that many of high level referees have already officiated Super cup Final match. In my opinion it seems a little bit too much for Marciniak; for sure he is "appreciated" by Collina. I would have selected Rocchi as fourth official; nice gesture.

  9. From live view the penalty given by Reinshreiber looked VERY soft. Attacker sought and caused the contact very cleverly.

    1. Mostly caused by Italian attacker, he was clever kicking the ball before the coming of the opponent. There was then a contact: so the whistle is justified. Observer can surely back this choice.
      Apart from that, a good first half. No need of cards, some warnings, correctly rejected a penalty appeal for deliberate handball.

    2. Now free kick for deliberate handball leading to 2-0 for Italy. Ok decision by referee. The handball stopped a shot on goal, it was a genuine attempt to block the shot by defender, but the arm was open.
      Again I would say, not black or white decision, referee can be backed.

    3. 3-0 disallowed by AR1 Ross: very very close decision. I don't know, perhaps it was an extremely tight offside, in any case I think a NO FLAG would have been OK. But it must be rewatched carefully.

    4. Definitley a penalty and not a free kick

  10. IMO the penalty was too soft. The replay showed that attacker initiated the contact with defender leg.

  11. I'm English and the English commentators both said it was definitley a penalty and Not a free kick for Italy's 2nd goal. And I fully agree with them.

  12. Overall I have seen 2 talented referees yesterday, both very discreet and firm, both with mostly good decisions.

    Reinshreiber: good control and acceptance, good use of warnings (key moment was an elbow in 1'). Brave decisions, without rewatching the penalty looked soft, the free kick for del. handball leading to 0:2 fully correct. Points to improve: spray use, identifying undermining an oponent, preventive warnings before free kicks à la "keep your hands down"..

    Petrescu: for 70 minutes a very good, confident and accurate performance. Positive: Foul detection (did not fall for easy descends), fitness, anticipative movement. Points to improve: did not take time wasting out of the game which led to an increase in game temperature and frustrated Portuguese players and small confrontations. Other points are his whistle language (too loud and long for small offences) and a more efficient teamwork with AR (communication was seemingly not that smooth in an offside situation with a bouncing ball from a deflection; AR2 Cokaj had no chance to spot who touched the ball last, in the end Petrescu whistled after 3 seconds and then Cokaj raised his flag). Difficult at mini tournaments with different languages but maybe a better Communication would have been possible. 8.2-8.3

    1. What I forgot about Petrescu: massive confusion and chaos at 1-2 substitutions.

    2. Niclas- the handball was incorrect it was so close to him.


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