August 18, 2016

Carol Anne Chenard with Gold Medal match

Canadian Carol Anne Chenard  has been appointed to oversee Olympic Games final between Sweden and Germany.   A FIFA referee since 2006, in recent years Chenard has gained a notable experience, officiating games at 2011 Women World Cup, 2012 Olympics and 2015 Women World Cup.

Women's Gold Medal Final (19 August) 

Rio de Janeiro, 22:30 CET
Sweden - Germany
Referee: Carol Anne Chenard (Canada)
Assistant Referee 1: Marie-Josee Charbonneau (Canada)
Assistant Referee 2: Suzanne Morisset (Canada)
4th Official: Olga Miranda (Paraguay)
Reserve AR: Yoleida Lara (Venezuela)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Dagmar Damkova (Czech Republic)

In addition, Romanian Teodora Albon has been selected for Bronze Medal Final, to be played a few hours earlier in São Paulo.

Women's Bronze Medal Final (19 August) 

São Paulo, 18:00 CET
Brazil - Canada
Referee: Teodora Albon (Romania)
Assistant Referee 1: Petruta Iugulescu (Romania)
Assistant Referee 2: Mária Súkeníková (Slovakia)
4th Official: Esther Staubli (Switzerland)
Reserve AR: Sanja Rodjak (Croatia)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Carlos Alarcon (Paraguay)

source: Árbitro Internacional


  1. Rio 2016 Gold Medal Match
    Alireza Faghani (Iran) AFC

    Bronze Medal Match
    Sandro Ricci (Brasil) CONMEBOL

    Congratulations to the AFC and CONMEBOL crews on being the absolute best in Rio. And of course congratulations to team Canada and CONCACAF on being the best crew in Rio on the women's side.

    Best of luck to all the crews.

  2. Ryuji Sato deserved a second appointment... Not really happy with these appointments...

    1. Agreed, but best of luck to Faghani and crew :)

    2. Since you said Sato deserved a second appointment, I guess you watched him in the game he officiated. Can you say something about his performance?

    3. There should be a reason for which he didn't get another game.

    4. I couldn't watch the game live as there was no live telecast of that match here... Just caught hold of the various highlights the day after... Although I can't say whether he made any key error or not (at least nothing such was present in the many highlights that I watched), the match was overall an easy one where Sato didn't face too many difficulties actually... All the analysis and reports about Sato's performance in the match was very positive as well so I presume there weren't any huge error or any debatable calls... Faghani has been brilliant in the tournament no doubt and deserves the final but somewhere I feel Sato should have got another game considering he had a controversy free game... And anyway Sato is a better referee than Hategan so hardly makes any sense giving Hategan a SF and giving Sato nothing... I watched a lot of highlights where I didn't find anything controversial or debatable about Sato's performance... The match was very easy as well with not scope of controversy... But I feel someone who has seen the game live on TV can shed more light on this!!!

      I'm also surprised that the big hitter Cüneyt Çakır missed out on a medal match... I just can't believe that!!!

    5. The Cakir situation does not surprise me at all. The current version of Cakir is far far away from the Cakir we saw 2 years ago. His performances in France and in Rio confirm his current downward spiral.
      I am left to wonder if the current political unrest in his native Turkey is causing him distractions. It's perfectly acceptable for him to have it weigh on his mind.

    6. It will be interesting to see who will enter 2018 WC as a favourite from UEFA!!!

  3. Canada won the bronze medal. Any info about referee's performance? Match wasn't aired here.

    1. Easy match for the crew. Game was played at a snails pace. Everybody involved just kind of went through the motions and got through it.

  4. 22': good usage of advantage by Chenard and then YC at the next stoppage.
    So far, not a really demanding game, some good calls by assistant referees.
    The physical condition seems to be not the best, however, honestly speaking.

    1. Carol Anne is not a sprinter/runner; she never will be. Her skills are in reading and anticipating play, being extremely consistent, near perfect foul/card selection, and having no issues with player management. FIFA Canadian AR's (Hector Vergara, Joe Fletcher, and many others) are incredible.

    2. I agree. Among all usual female top referees, Chenard is impressing me with her game understanding for years (started at the U20 WC back then in Germany). A rare quality if you ask me, considering what other officials have shown at the last major tournaments.


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