August 3, 2016

Olympic Football Tournament 2016 - Referee Appointments for Matchday 1

FIFA has determined the Referee Appointments for the first Olympic Football Matchday for both the men's and women's competitions. Among others, Mexican pre-selected World Cup Referee César Ramos will kick-off the male tournament officiating Iraq vs Denmark.

Men's Matches (04 August) 

Group A, Brasilia, 18:00 CET
Iraq - Denmark
Referee: César Ramos (Mexico)
Assistant Referee 1: Marvin Torrentera (Mexico)
Assistant Referee 2: Miguel Hernández (Mexico)
4th Official: Ghead Grisha (Egypt)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Lee Harmon (Cook Islands)

Group A, Brasilia, 21:00 CET
Brazil - South Africa
Referee: Antonio Mateu Lahoz (Spain)
Assistant Referee 1: Pau Cebrián Devis (Spain)
Assistant Referee 2: Roberto Díaz Pérez Del Palomar (Spain)
4th Official: Cüneyt Çakır (Turkey)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Lee Harmon (Cook Islands)

Group B, Manaus, 00:00+1d CET
Sweden - Colombia
Referee: Fahad Al Mirdasi (Saudi Arabia)
Assistant Referee 1: Abdullah Al Shalwai (Saudi Arabia)
Assistant Referee 2: Mohammed Al Abkari (Saudi Arabia)
4th Official: Joseph Lamptey (Ghana)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Badara Sene (Senegal)

Group B, Manaus, 03:00+1d CET
Nigeria - Japan
Referee: Clément Turpin (France)
Assistant Referee 1: Frédéric Cano (France)
Assistant Referee 2: Nicolas Danos (France)
4th Official: Diego Haro (Peru)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Badara Sene (Senegal)

Group C, Salvador, 22:00 CET
Mexico - Germany
Referee: Alireza Faghani (Iran)
Assistant Referee 1: Reza Sokhandan (Iran)
Assistant Referee 2: Mohammadreza Mansouri (Iran)
4th Official: Ovidiu Alin Hategan (Romania)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Hector Vergara (Canada)

Group C, Salvador, 01:00+1d CET
Fiji - Korea Republic
Referee: Malang Diedhiou (Senegal)
Assistant Referee 1: Djibril Camara (Senegal)
Assistant Referee 2: El Hadji Malick Samba (Senegal)
4th Official: Néstor Pitana (Argentina)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Hector Vergara (Canada)

Group D, Rio de Janeiro, 20:00 CET
Honduras - Algeria
Referee: Sandro Ricci (Brazil)
Assistant Referee 1: Emerson Augusto De Carvalho (Brazil)
Assistant Referee 2: Marcelo van Gasse (Brazil)
4th Official: Ryuji Sato (Japan)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Peter Mikkelsen (Denmark)

Group D, Rio de Janeiro, 23:00 CET
Portugal - Argentina
Referee: Walter López Castellanos (Guatemala)
Assistant Referee 1: Leonel Leal (Costa Rica)
Assistant Referee 2: Gersón López Castellanos (Guatemala)
4th Official: Matthew Conger (New Zealand)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Peter Mikkelsen (Denmark)

Women's Matches (03 August)

Group E, Rio de Janeiro, 18:00 CET
Sweden - South Africa
Referee: Teodora Albon (Romania)
Assistant Referee 1: Petruta Iugulescu (Romania)
Assistant Referee 2: Maria Súkeníková (Slovakia)
4th Official: Claudia Umpierrez (Uruguay)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Peter Mikkelsen (Denmark)

Group E, Rio de Janeiro, 21:00 CET
Brazil - China PR
Referee: Carol Anne Chenard (Canada)
Assistant Referee 1: Marie-Josée Charbonneau (Canada)
Assistant Referee 2: Suzanne Morisset (Canada)
4th Official: Gladys Lengwe (Zambia)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Peter Mikkelsen (Denmark)

Group F, Sao Paulo, 20:00 CET
Canada - Australia
Referee: Stéphanie Frappart (France)
Assistant Referee 1: Manuela Nicolosi (France)
Assistant Referee 2: Yolanda Parga Rodríguez (Spain)
4th Official: Esther Staubli (Switzerland)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Carlos Alarcón (Paraguay)

Group F, Sao Paulo, 23:00 CET
Zimbabwe - Germany
Referee: Rita Gani (Malaysia)
Assistant Referee 1: Yongmei Cui (China PR)
Assistant Referee 2: Naomi Teshirogi (Japan)
4th Official: Lucíla Venegas (Mexico)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Carlos Alarcón (Paraguay)

Group G, Belo Horizonte, 00:00+1d CET
USA - New Zealand
Referee: Kateryna Monzul (Ukraine)
Assistant Referee 1: Natalia Rachynska (Ukraine)
Assistant Referee 2: Sanja Rodak (Croatia)
4th Official: Maria Carvajal (Chile)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Jacqueline Leleu (Australia)

Group G, Belo Horizonte, 03:00+1d CET
France - Colombia
Referee: Ri Hyang Ok (Korea DPR)
Assistant Referee 1: Hong Kum Nyo (Korea DPR)
Assistant Referee 2: Allyson Flynn (Australia)
4th Official: Melissa Borjas (Honduras)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Jacqueline Leleu (Australia)

source: Árbitro Internacional


  1. OT: According to a Belgian newspaper, Marc Clattenburgs tattoos are causing some distress in UK media, because there's no tattoo of the FA Cup Final ...

  2. Predictions MD2:
    DEN-RSA: Sato, FO: Al Mirdasi
    BRA-IRQ: Karasev, FO: Lamptey
    SWE-NIG: Pitana, FO: Faghani
    JPN-COL: Hategan, FO: Diedhiou
    FIJ-MEX: Zambrano, FO: Mateu
    GER-KOR: Conger, FO: Lopez
    HON-POR: Grisha, FO: Haro
    ARG-ALG: Cakir, FO: Ramos

    BRA-SWE: Venegas, FO: Borjas
    RSA-CHN: Keighley, FO: Monzul
    CAN-ZIM: Miranda, FO: Albon
    GER-AUS: Lengwe, FO: Carvajal
    USA-FRA: Umpierrez, FO: Gani
    COL-NZL: Staubli, FO: Ri

    1. Predictions:
      DEN-RSA: Conger (NZL); FO: López (GUA)
      BRA-IRQ: Karasev (RUS); FO: Diedhiou (SEN)
      SWE-NGA: Pitana (ARG); FO: Ricci (BRA)
      JPN-COL: Hategan (ROU); FO: Turpin (FRA)
      FIJ-MEX: Grisha (EGY); FO: Haro (PER)
      GER-KOR: Zambrano (ECU); FO: Lamptey (GHA)
      HON-POR: Sato (JPN); FO: Mateu Lahoz (ESP)
      ARG-ALG: Cakir (TUR); FO: Ramos (MEX)

      BRA-SWE: Keighley (NZL); FO: Frappart (FRA)
      RSA-CHN: Venegas (MEX); FO: Borjas (HON)
      CAN-ZIM: Miranda (PAR); FO: Monzul (UKR)
      GER-AUS: Lengwe (ZAM); FO: Carvajal (CHI)
      USA-FRA: Umpierrez (URU); FO: Albon (ROU)
      COL-NZL: Staubli (SUI); FO: Chenard (CAN)

      Many similar predictions, Philipp, although I made them before I read your guesses. Not many (sensible) possibilities for Busacca this time.

    2. Mine:

      DEN-RSA: Zambrano (ECU), 4th: Faghani (IRN)
      BRA-IRQ: Karasev (RUS), 4th: Lamptey (GHA)
      SWE-NGA: Pitana (ARG), 4th: Ramos (MEX)
      JPN-COL: Cakir (TUR), 4th: Diedhiou (SEN)
      FIJ-MEX: Sato (JPN), 4th: Haro (PER)
      GER-KOR: Grisha (EGY), 4th: Lopez (GUA)
      HON-POR: Conger (NZL), 4th: Ricci (BRA)
      ARG-ALG: Hategan (ROU), 4th: Mateu (ESP)

      BRA-SWE: Keighley (NZL), 4th: Gani (MAS)
      RSA-CHN: Staubli (SUI), 4th: Frappart (FRA)
      CAN-ZIM: Miranda (PAR), 4th: Borjas (HON)
      GER-AUS: Venegas (MEX), 4th: Carvajal (CHI)
      USA-FRA: Umpierrez (URU), 4th: Albon (ROU)
      COL-NZL: Lengwe (ZAM), 4th: Chenard (CAN)

  3. Rita Gani misses red card tackle, two penalties and at least another yellow card in the first half.
    How did she become AFC ref of the year 2014?

    1. And now the Germans did get their penalty. For no reason whatsoever. Well, good for the other AFC refs at the tournament, they'll have plenty of matches to officiate.

  4. Red card for DOGSO (pulling) in women's Canada - Australia:

    1. RC could perhaps be accepted, but for me it is not a 100% clear DOGSO, given the position of the foul. The other defender, who is running in a more central position, could ave a last chance to try a tackle. However, I would back the referee. Later on in second half, Stéphanie Frappart whistled a penalty for deliberate handball, but the replay showed it was a very controversial decision. However, no impact on the game.

    2. At the moment of the foul, the central defender was lagging behind play and not in a position to intervene - it all changes extremely quickly once the foul is committed. So DOGSO is correct.

    3. RC is correct - even though the speed of the attack is rather low and the sprint only moderate (female football). But if you freeze the moment of the foul and consider that he very likely controls the ball, it is an obvious scoring opportunity.

    4. BTW: AUS#15 should be cautioned for unsporting behaviour (demanding a card for the opponent in a very blatant manner).

    5. Handball penalty mentioned by Chefren:

    6. I am Canadian. DOGSO for me.

      As for handling; no way a PK for me. Not even close to deliberate (if it even hit arm).

  5. In other news, the decision by PRO to hire Alan Kelly seems to have caused them an endless stream of problems:
    That being said, Kelly is clearly ahead of all referees in MLS (Geiger and Marrufo included). It would seem to me that he's not very popular in PRO referee circles, though, judging by this story.

  6. No Heber Lopes = No fun

  7. It seems that FIFA referees committee appointed Pitana for Honduras - Portugal, both teams are in group D with Argentina. That would be forbidden, and I must say a shocking mistake.
    Thank as always to our source: Árbitro Internacional

    1. Unless they assume that Pitana will not be accused on partiality since he has a similar 'relationship' to both.

    2. Appointment has changed. Pitana now has Germany - Korea and Zambrano (ECU) has Honduras - Portugal.

    3. Making referee appointments seems to ask too much of the Suisse.

  8. Correct second YC and sending off by Mateu Lahoz.

  9. Very good job for Mateu today.

  10. I watched some highlights of yesterday's / today's match, I must report that, among others: Al Mirdasi spotted a deliberate handball, not easy to be detected, leading to a penalty for Colombia, very important for the outcome. Diedhiou in Fiji - South Korea whistled a very clear penalty for a more than reckless challenge (btw YC can be still ok).
    Turpin in Nigeria - Japan: both penalty calls look quite soft, however I think one can back him. Video quality of highlights is not that good so I can't say more.

    1. Fahad Al-Mirdasi is one of the best AFC referees going around at this moment!!! I expect him at the World Cup 2018!!!

  11. Absolutely excellent match by Faghani in Germany-Mexico.
    All decisions correct, controlled the match at all times, one YC.
    Would like to see him a lot more at this tournament.

  12. About CL play off matches: do you think that the Elite referees at Olympics 2016 will be able to handle a second leg game? Finals in Brazil are planned for 20 August. The return legs of CL play offs will be played on 23 and 24 August.
    What we can say for now is that surely they will be out from first legs (16 and 17 August).
    Considering that at moment UEFA has 27 Elite referees, if we think that the 5 officials called for Brazil wont be appointed, we have 22 referees for 20 matches. Almost forced choices and appointments. Not a big choice, but can we expect a surprise like a Category 1 referee in a play off?

    1. If we keep in mind that Mazic has the Super Cup final, one official might be kept as reserve or appointed in UEL only (Tagliavento for example).

  13. Alireza Faghani had a fantastic fitness, stamina and acceleration. Really extra-ordinary, was always there, moved anticipatively, I guess Busacca was amused. He impeded with play once or twice, but apart from that, exemplary.

    Good assistants as well. He should consider to issue cautions after advantages played at the next stoppage though.

  14. play off champions league could be a good training stuff and a good opportunity to get experience on the field for some expected talents in 1st category like as Soares, Taylor, Oliver, Makkelie, Zwayer, Buquet, Zelinka and Estrada F. I hope they will be appointed.

  15. Karasev is appoined for Japan-Columbia with Lapmtey as FO.

  16. Very early predictions (both first and second legs):

    Ludogorets(BUL) - Plzeň(CZE)
    Svein Moen (NOR) / William Collum (SCO)

    Celtic(SCO) - H. Beer-Sheva(ISR)
    Pavel Královec (CZE) / Deniz Aytekin (GER)

    København (DEN) - APOEL(CYP)
    Paolo Tagliavento (ITA) / Craig Thomson (SCO)

    Dundalk (IRL) - Legia (POL)
    Fernández Borbalán (ESP) / Daniele Orsato (ITA)

    Dinamo Zagreb (CRO) - Salzburg (AUT)
    Szymon Marciniak (POL) / Alberto Undiano Mallenco (ESP)

    Steaua B. (ROU) - Manchester City (ENG)
    Felix Brych (GER) / Gianluca Rocchi (ITA)

    Porto (POR) - AS Roma (ITA)
    Milorad Mažić (SRB) / Mark Clattenburg (ENG)

    Ajax (NED) - Rostov (RUS)
    Jonas Eriksson (SWE) / Martin Atkinson (ENG)

    Young Boys (SUI) - Borussia Mönchengladbach (GER)
    Damir Skomina (SVN) / Viktor Kassai (HUN)

    Villarreal (ESP) - AS Monaco (FRA)
    Björn Kuipers (NED) / Nicola Rizzoli (ITA)

    1. Hi @Chefren
      Two questions for you :
      1. Is Martin Atkinson still active in the UEFA circuit?
      2. Which are the top 2 sonorous clashes among these according to you?

    2. 1) Yes, why not? :) I can add, according to English regulations about age limits, he is at moment one of the few FIFA referees able to go on still for years, reaching the age of 50 and perhaps more. I think his retirement will depend exclusively on his will. He can stay on the list still for years.
      2) Villarreal - Monaco, Porto - Roma.

    3. Mine are:
      Ludogorets(BUL) - Plzeň(CZE)
      Aytekin / Kuipers
      Celtic(SCO) - H. Beer-Sheva(ISR)
      Borbalan / Eriksson
      København (DEN) - APOEL(CYP)
      Orsato / Mazic
      Dundalk (IRL) - Legia (POL)
      Tagliavento / Kralovec
      Dinamo Zagreb (CRO) - Salzburg (AUT)
      Collum / Clattenburg
      Steaua B. (ROU) - Manchester City (ENG)
      Rizzoli / Nijhuis
      Porto (POR) - AS Roma (ITA)
      Atkinson / Brych
      Ajax (NED) - Rostov (RUS)
      Undiano / Marciniak
      Young Boys (SUI) - Borussia Mönchengladbach (GER)
      Moen / Rocchi
      Villarreal (ESP) - AS Monaco (FRA)
      Skomina / Kassai

    4. @Chefren
      Then we can expect the top 4 referees to be given the two legs of those 2 games? Does Kuipers and Kassai stand a chance for that?

    5. I made my predictions: Mazic, Clattenburg, Kuipers and Rizzoli can be the right names. Kassai as well, I would include Skomina, too.

    6. Jonas Eriksson and Felix Brych?

  17. My early predection for UCL Playoff
    Ludogorets-Plzen Liran Liany (ISR)
    Celtic-Hapoel Beer Sheva Anthony Taylor (ENG)
    Köbenhavn-APOEL Bas Nijhuis (NED)
    Dundalk-Legia Stefan Johanesson (SWE)
    Din.Zagreb-Salzburg Istvan Vad (HUN)
    Steaua-Man. City Deniz Aytekin (GER)
    Porto-Roma Craig Thomson (SCO)
    Ajax-Rostov Fernandez Borbalán (ESP)
    Young Boys-Mönchengladbach Paolo Tagliavento (ITA)
    Villareal-Monaco Tasos Sidiropoulos (GRE)

    1. All the big hitters like Clattenburg, Rizzoli, Kuipers, Kassai, Eriksson, Skomina and others will all be involved as it happened in all previous seasons!!!

    2. Mark must be joking. ;)

  18. OT : French Super Cup Trophée des Champions

    Paris Saint Germain - Olympique Lyonnais

    Klagenfurt (Austria) Saturday 06/08/2016 20:45

    Ref : Alexander Harkam (Austria)
    AR1 : Andreas Staudinger (Austria)
    AR2 : Andreas Witschnigg (Austria)
    4OF : Julian Weinberger (Austria)

  19. Curiosity in Al Mirdasi's match SWE-COL (I watched some highlights):
    Al Mirdasi and his mates had to change their kit in half time because one could not differentiate between the black kit they wore and Columbia's dark blue jersey. That should not happen at this level...

    If you want to watch by your own:
    (Compare 0:00 and 2:27)

    1. - Diedhiou:

      Strange and weak management 0:05-0:25
      Correct penalty decision + YC 2:45

      - Turpin

      Very, very doubtful penalty decision 0:30
      IMO wrong penalty decision (defender did nothing wrong; IMO also not careless by the defender) 2:24

    2. Videos can't be watched outside Germany. What about the strange management by Diedhiou? What did he do?

    3. Otherwise, you can specify the exact minutes in the game, I could check that in the full match.

    4. I tried to search some new videos, but I didn't find any more. You can find the specific minutes underneath, maybe some of you are able to search other videos:

      -Al Mirdasi:
      To compare 1' and 46' (changed kit)
      30' (1:0, management issue: He 'steals' the ball from a Korean player)
      70' (penalty + YC)
      7' (first penalty)
      49' (second penalty)

  20. What do you think about below handball situations from yesterday? In my opinion these are 2 clear penalties missed.

    Oostende - Club Brugge 1-0
    Ref: Joeri Van De Velde
    handball appeal for Club Brugge at 0-0 (video min 7:09)

    Fulham - Newcastle 1-0
    Ref: Simon Hooper
    handball appeal for Newcastle Utd at 0-0 (video min 0:23)

    1. Oostende - Club Brugge: for me the ball is not expected (it comes from a teammate), the defender even tries to avoid the touch, I think correct decision to play on.

      Fulham - Newcastle: clear penalty if the ball touched the arm.

    2. I agree with Chefren. No penalty in Belgium, clear penalty in England.

    3. 1st one -- 100% not.

      2nd one. Player tried to get his arm (which started tucked back and then moved out slightly in a relatively natural position) out of way, but the arm became a magnet to the ball. The higher his arm went, the higher the ball went. In this case, although arm ended in an unnatural position, the player's goal was to get it out of way, not to block shot/pass. Not deliberate.


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