August 14, 2016

Olympic Football Tournament 2016 - Referee Appointments for Women's Semifinals

Hyang Ok Ri from Korea DPR and Lucila Venegas from Mexico are the selected officials for women's semifinals. 

Women's Semifinals (16 August) 

Rio de Janeiro, 18:00 CET
Brazil - Sweden
Referee: Lucila Venegas (Mexico)
Assistant Referee 1: Mayte Chavez (Mexico)
Assistant Referee 2: Enedina Caudillo (Mexico)
4th Official: Melissa Borjas (Honduras)
Reserve AR: Mariana de Almeida (Argentina)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Dagmar Damkova (Czech Republic)

Belo Horizonte, 21:00 CET
Canada - Germany
Referee: Hyang Ok Ri (Korea DPR)
Assistant Referee 1: Kum Nyo Hong (Korea DPR)
Assistant Referee 2: Allyson Flynn (Australia)
4th Official: Maria Carvajal (Chile)
Reserve AR: Yongmei Cui (China PR)
FIFA Referee Assessor: Jacqueline Leleu (Australia)

source: Árbitro Internacional


  1. What about this RC by Roger East for DOGSO?
    Correct decision?

    1. I remember a very similar scene from an UEFA RAP (2014 I think). It was from a BAY-MNU match. UEFA concluded then that it should have been DOGSO.

      Personally I am not that convinced.

    2. Mr. Przesmycki analysed a very similar situation last week and he stated that if we have doubts whether DOGSO or SPA occurred and the foul is a holding, then we should choose a red card.

  2. Very interesting: Both semifinal matches, BRAZIL - SWEDEN and CANADA - GERMANY, were already part of the Group Stage and, moreover, both will be handled by the same referee again ...

  3. I'm watching Welz now and I have to be honest - players don't accept him on the pitch... He allows way too much, many fouls are not whistled, the atmosphere has became very hot because of that and a small riot occurred...

    Apart from that, Javi Martínez is really lucky to get away with a YC for really rough tackle in 10'. There was also a very interesting handball penalty apeal in 15' - the ball bounced from Bayern player's body and hit the hand that was in an unnatural position. Penalty for me.

  4. Predictions Men's SF:
    BRA-HON: Karasev, FO: Diedhiou
    NIG-DEU: Zambrano, FO: Pitana

    1. Brasil v Honduras
      With two Latin American teams and all the intricacies that will be involved in the match. I would prefer to see either Pitana or Zambrano. If the committee wants to maintain confederation neutrality, then Faghani or Al Mirdasi.

      Nigeria vs Germany
      Zambrano(if not chosen for the other match) or Cesar Ramos.

  5. Kuipers has Porto - Roma.
    Gözübüyük Sassuolo - Crvena Zvezda.

  6. 120+ minutes and Venegas is still going goal line to goal line. If there is one thing that you can never criticize about Mexican referees. It's their fitness levels. And it doesn't hurt that Venegas has been very good today. She has allowed the game to flow and the players to play. However she never failed to whistle the necessary fouls and to issue the required cautions. Well done Lucila and team Mexico.

  7. Correct penalty by Hyang Ok Ri, I must say very stupid foul by Canada's defender...

    1. I can confirm that Canadian commentators are livid. Such a stupid tackle.

  8. Final predictions
    BRA-CAN: Monzul, FO: Keighley
    SWE-GER: Frappart, FO: Umpierrez

  9. FIFA confirm: Chenard has the gold medal match, Albon for bronze medal.


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