October 10, 2016

The 3rd Team's Mission, Challenge, Vision and Values

The 3rd Team is one of the leading websites on international football refereeing. Started in June 2011, we focus on referee education, sharing news on international refereeing, discussing match situations and exchanging ideas (and much more).

'We' consist of a large variety of different people with different backgrounds who widely cannot give their full identity due to reasons of confidentiality. What unites us is that we love football and refereeing!


Our mission is to improve both football referees on individual level and football refereeing as a whole. Our blog is supposed to serve as a platform to learn with the aid of visual and written educational material. Furthermore, it is supposed to be a place where recent trends in international referees are reported, analyzed and discussed.


Our challenge is to fulfill the requirements arising from the different segments of readers who follow our work:

- Top-class referees who are active at the highest international (UEFA) level or in higher national leagues
- Referees on middle football levels
- Referees on lower amateur levels
- ‘Common’ people who are football and refereeing enthusiasts, but who are no referees themselves.


Our vision is a landscape of football and refereeing where … 

- referees are accepted and respected as the indispensable 3rd team of a football game
- the public (media, supporters, players) develop an understanding for the challenges related to refereeing as well as referees perceive themselves as a self-critical and modest part of the game instead of being vain and unapproachable
- referee placement and selection decisions are based on performance 
- politics, corruption and nepotism in refereeing are things of the past
- referees as well as referee managers carefully and self-critically reflect on their behaviour to become better
- open discussion on hardened structures is allowed and blogs like ours are understood as a necessity to make refereeing up-to-date in times of social media
- referees recognize the need to interpret their role as the one of a game-manager facilitating fair competition following the laws of the game as well as managing the match with empathy, open-minded communication and contextual understanding for the benefit of football as a whole (for us, this is what ‘modern refereeing’ requires).


While pursuing these goals we follow the following values: 

- Quality: We strive for providing you with correct and qualitatively high information to the best of our knowledge.

- Exclusiveness: While quality goes over quantity, we attempt to provide you with information out of first hand meaning that reporting exclusive news is a goal we follow on our daily agenda.

- Independence: We act independently and – like every good referee – are not influenced by any third party. Our work is solely based on our very best knowledge and passion as well as on the expectations of our readers.

- Confidentiality: As we often depend on the input our faithful friends and sources share with us, confidentiality is essential and self-evident for us.

- Self-reflection: We are convinced that you only become better if you critically reflect yourself. Being open-minded for change, criticism and improvement drives us – and apart from that: We also believe that these are qualities that separate good from very good referees.
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