December 3, 2016

Guess The Referee - Predict & Win the Referees for UCL Matchday 6

Your chance to guess the referees who will take charge of the last group stage matchday of UEFA Champions League - and to win a small prize sponsored by our partners Refsworld UK.


Niclas 17
Chefren 16
Ref Copenhagen 16
K. S. 14
Etm 14
ref_ref 14
Philipp S 13
Ref_1707 13
Xavieralzina 12
Kohagen 10
Soham 9
Marvin Becker 8
ggf 8
Lucco81 8
French 6
markoni 40 6
CristiRef 6
George 6
John 6
david02 5
RikB 4
majo.scheffler 4
paul 3
Iulian 3
DanielS 0
Frikandel98 0
FormerRefCvS 0


  1. I have sent my predictions. At the end, I couldn't exclude Rizzoli from Lyon - Sevilla. What is your opinion about that?
    Sevilla made big complaints against Juventus, for this reason an Italian referee could face problems, but Rizzoli seems the best appointment for this game.
    However, if not Eriksson and/or Marciniak (the latter will be very likely in Madrid), I don't see other Elite referees for this hot game.
    Karasev? Perhaps too much for him...

    1. Rizzoli should not be possible, as Juventus and Sevilla are still competing for first place.
      Marciniak is not possible as well, because he was already in Lyon.
      I think, Karasev is possible and indeed the only real option, if Eriksson has the Batta match.
      Ok, maybe Thomson...

    2. You are right about the first place, I forgot that. So Rizzoli is not possible, very difficult to find room in all groups for Italian referees.
      And we have three officials to be appointed: Rizzoli, Rocchi and Tagliavento.
      Perhaps both Rizzoli and Rocchi in EL (important games).

    3. I have indeed predicted Karasev for this game (and Rizzoli in Eindhoven).

    4. Karasev would be a very good choice for Lyon v Sevilla (Bas Nijhuis oversaw the first leg)... If Karasev could be trusted with the Arsenal v Barcelona Round of 16 clash last year then he can be trusted with this one as well!!
      Coming to Rizzoli, Bayern Munich v Atletico Madrid seems to be his game??

    5. Would you appoint Rizzoli for a game without any importance? With so many important and crucial games in both CL and EL?

    6. That's true but Rizzoli's appointments this season haven't been too great to be honest... But still I've a feeling he has a chance to be appointed to Bayern v Atletico... Rocchi I think will get an EL game and I expect Brych, Kuipers or Çakır for an EL game as well....

  2. Soham, Cąkir has already refereed for Leicester, City and Tottenham so if you are correct it'll be Basel v Arsenal.

  3. Am I missing something or is it absolutely logical Rizzoli is given R. Madrid-B. Dortmund as the coveted first place is still up for grabs in a clash between two bigwigs?

    Hot clashes for final MD:

    Benfica - Napoli
    D. Kyiv - Besiktas
    Tottenham - CSKA
    R. Madrid - B. Dortmund
    Legia - Sporting
    FC Porto - Leicester
    Brugge - FC Kobenhavn
    Lyon - Sevilla

    Not red-hot matches but still important:
    PSG - Ludogorets
    Basel - Arsenal

    Theoretically important:
    Juventus - D. Zagreb

    1. Rizzoli is impossible for Madrid because Trentalange from Italy is the observer.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. david02, all right...was not in on that. Still, it was the most logical choice. Btw, won't he be saying good-bye to international refereeing next week? If so, this would be the perfect farewell match!

    4. No, rumors say that he will stay on FIFA list at least for the whole 2017, but very likely he has been excluded from 2018 WC preselection.

    5. Orsato attended the preselected referees' meeting so maybe he is now in the list 😃

  4. Some situations from El Clásico (Carlos Clos Gómez in charge).

    03' - penalty-appeal RMA

    10' - penalty-appeal BAR

    12' - penalty-appeal RMA

    22' - advantage use

    23' - penalty-appeal RMA

    28' - Neymar rightly gets a yellow card for reckless foul but then claps at the referee. Should he be sent off?

    32' - penalty-appeal RMA

    40' - penalty-appeal BAR

    49' - offside call by AR1

    53' - 1-0 goal. Was the free kick correct, was there an offside?

    79' - penalty-appeal RMA

    I posted it yesterday but my comment has been removed (I don't know if someone removed it or was there a system error.

    1. I didn't read any comment yesterday, are you sure you posted it? :)

    2. Blogspot's spam filter is quite sensitive to too many links as it seems. But now they should stay online!

    3. Thanks for solving it! :)

    4. Thanks for posting it! :)

    5. 3': Strictly according to LotG we can talk about a penalty yes, but in reality we can understand why referee played on. In my opinion, player from Real Madrid looked for the contact to get the whistle. It would have been a very, very soft call in such game. That's my explanation.
      10': no penalty, correct decision to play on
      12': again, no penalty is the correct decision, no deliberate handball
      22': a risky choice, however referee was lucky because after the deflection by defender, Barcelona regained the possession and the choice was more justified, I think it would have been better to whistle foul but I can understand the reasons of this management ;)
      23': in this case a penalty would be correct and absolutely justified, but I can easily explain again the decision by Clos Gómez: the holding had not a so blatant effect, so he decided to play on, of course we can discuss on that...
      28': clapping at referee is a very particular topic and believe me, I'm in real trouble to explain it, for some referees it is YC, for other ones straight RC because considered like an insult (Rocchi became famous for having shown it in an Italian game in serie A some years ago), but there is also who keeps his eyes closed (I would say, most of the referees), like it happened in this case. I think Neymar was lucky there.
      32': if I'm not wrong the player from Barça hits the ball (and perhaps also the opponent), the action is very dangerous, but for me not still a clear penalty, watched and rewatched I'm not sure who kicks the ball... at any rate, very difficult for Clos Gómez.
      40': Nothing, play on is ok
      49': Wrong offside call.
      53': Free kick is correct, there is a deliberate pushing by defender when the ball is not still possible to reach, I would say a stupid action by Real's player. About the offside, I would back the AR, the player looks ONSIDE. Would be at any rate more wrong than correct to raise a flag in this case.
      78': nothing, play on is ok...
      I think the most interesting situation is the penalty appeal for holding, but apart from that, the match was well handled by Clos Gómez.


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