December 1, 2016

Referee Advent Calendar - Door 1: Physio with Goalkeeper Qualities

The first door of The3rdTeam Referee Advent Calendar is open. And there is a video clip in it!

The situation as written text:

An attacking player is having an obvious goal-scoring opportunity: Having already left all other defenders behind him, he is only facing the goalkeeper and decides to shoot. The goalkeeper is unable to save the shot, so that the ball is about to go into the goal.

A physio - listed on the match report as belonging to the defending team - is following the attack from the goalline already for a while. When he recognizes that the goalkeeper is beaten, the physio enters the field of play and clears the ball that would otherwise certainly result in a goal. Several frustrated players chase the fleeing physio - one of them, "Attacker A", even attempts to kick him to ground with a kungfu tackle.


1) What is the correct re-start of play?
2) What disciplinary sanction must be taken against "Attacker A?


1) Penalty Kick.

As the physiotherapist listed in the match report belongs to one of the teams, he is a "team official". In former times, play should have been re-started with a dropped ball from the position where a team official's interference occurred. The IFAB has modified Law 3 towards a more reasonable match sanction which is more in line with common sense:

From July 2016 on, such interferences by team officials result in a direct free-kick (if the interference occurred outside the penalty area) or penalty kick (if the interference occurred inside the penalty area including the penalty area line).

In this concrete situation, the interference occurred inside the penalty area: A penalty kick must be given and you should detailedly mention the situation and the team official's name in the match report.

(If no team official, but e.g. a substitute warming up behind the goalline had done this like in this video, then a direct free-kick (outside the penalty area) or penalty kick (inside the penalty area) would have been obligatory as well as a red card for the opponent in case of an obvious goal-scoring opportunity denied by the interference.)

2) Red Card.

Although a frustrated reaction of the non-offending team is understandable, (attempted) violent conducts have to be punished with a red card.

Correct Solution: Penalty Kick for the Attacking Team and Red Card against Attacker A.

How have you voted? 

Overall, the results are OK. The majority of you has apparently been aware of the respective LotG-change. Those, who believed a dropped ball was the correct solution, are reminded on the circumstance that wrong re-starts might have fatal consequences.


  1. Off-topic:
    No comment.

    1. You mean the uniforms, right? ;)

    2. Of course, what else :)

    3. What about this controversy from Polish Cup. GK's foul (what card?), play on or attacker's foul?

    4. And another 'no-comment' type situation. This time from EFL Cup... Top football and refereeing countries and such mistakes are made.

    5. 1) That's an unbelievable mistake by Undiano. Try to do that in CL and see what happens...
      2) RayHD, believe me, it is a more than difficult situation. Watched and rewatched, I can't be sure about a foul made by keeper, who tries to go honestly on the ball. Please note that it was just my first impression but for me, no foul would be OK. The fact is that player tries to kick the ball, while keeper anticipates him, but there is an unavoidable contact, I don't see malice by keeper. But of course I can be wrong. In case of foul by keeper, I wouldn't give more than YC.
      3) The fact that the call was delayed makes it even less acceptable, I would give responsibility to referee as well, he had to notice that the player was still in his own half. He looked at the assistant referee, and perhaps he influenced him in raising a "wrong" flag. That shouldn't happen at this level.

    6. The situation in Poland should be free kick for the attacker and YC for the GK IMO. The goalkeeper is a bit late and hits the striker after the striker has played the ball, therefore foul. No DOGSO because the ball was not under full control and some defenders were nearby.

      Difficult task for Mike Dean to explain the decision in Liverpool, when probably everyone on the sideline (including him) has seen it better than the assistant...

  2. Marciniak with Sokolnicki and Listkiewicz appointed to Friday's game (18:00 CET) in Ekstraklasa. It means that they have a game (most likely Tuesday's one) in UEFA Champions League.

    1. Benfica - Napoli? :)

    2. From Germany:
      Gräfe (Friday) and Zwayer (Saturday) with international assistants in the 3rd division - quite unusual appointment strategy.
      Aytekin and Brych without any appointment this weekend.

    3. Italian appointments will be released tomorrow, today only one appointment has been released: Napoli - Inter tomorrw in the evening will be officiated by Rizzoli. We can expect him in CL on Tuesday or Wednesday. Tagliavento will be AAR1 tomorrow, he could be in CL as well, if not in EL.

    4. One thing to add: Kleve has a match on Sunday, therefore Aytekin is unlikely on Tuesday.

  3. Tasos Sidiropoulos doesn't have a match on Greek SL. His AR1 is appointed on Saturday and his AAR1 on Saturday also.

    So, IMO, they have a Tuesday CL match.

    1. I believe in Basel-Arsenal for the Greek squad.

    2. Groups A, B and D are possibilities.

      So in theory the could have Basel - Arsenal, Bayern - Atletico PSV - Rostov and Benfica - Napoli.

  4. First EL group match for Bart Vertenten (28) Thursday 08/12


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