December 13, 2016

Referee Advent Calendar - Door 12 (delayed): SPA (?) inside the penalty area

Door 12 focuses on some cases where promising attacks have been stopped (SPA = stopping a promising attack) or even obvious goal-scoring opportunities have been denied (DOGSO = denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity). Keeping the Laws of the Game changes in mind, what disciplinary sanctions would you issue?

Clip 1

Our solution: The goalkeeper is carelessly fouling the attacking player inside the penalty area and thus stops a promising attack (an obvious goal-scoring opportunity is not denied). The contact results from a genuine attempt to play the ball and should be therefore only punished by a penalty kick. A yellow card is not needed.

Clip 2

Our solution: The defender is carelessly tripping the attacker and thus stops a promising attack inside the penalty area. As he genuinely attempts to play the ball, a yellow card is not necessary.

Clip 3

Our solution: If you deem the defender's action as a foul - which is a genuine attempt to play the ball -, then it should be regarded as a careless trip which either denies an obvious goal-scoring opportunity (then: Yellow Card - this is our view) or stops a promising attack (then: no card) depending on the referee's judgment.

Your Decisions?


  1. I think that the first one could have been a red card(DOGSO) because the intentional move was against the goal, and in an addtion to the laws of the game in november it says if the player moves diagonal to round the keeper it is seen as a goal scoring opportunity

    1. I agree, that you might consider the situation as DOGSO, but then it would only be a YC, because the GK tries to get the ball.

    2. Yeah, after thinking a bit longer i think a yellow is needed for DOGSO

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