December 19, 2016

Referee Advent Calendar - Door 18: Player gives up Penalty Kick to the Benefit of Fairplay

Although these situations occur at times, they still do so too rarely: In a German amateur league, a player, who was allegedly tackled inside the penalty area making the referee award him a penalty kick, apparently knew the referee had been wrong and therefore gave up the penalty kick as he was not touched by his opponent.

The following clip shows the incident:

Of course, this is a tremendously important signal going through the world (which the video indeed did in the past days). It can be doubted whether admitting that you have simulated inside the penalty area makes the simulation itself much better (can unfair play be compensated by fairplay?) - but for sure, it shows that attackers, who are knowing there has not been any contact or who are even guilty of a dive, can handle such situations differently than it happened a few matchdays ago in German Bundesliga or the Spanish Copa del Rey for example (in both cases, a penalty was given):

While such actions can be appreciated and would be very needed on higher footballing levels, too, we as referees should of course fulfill our duty to identify this kind of blatant unsporting behaviour ourselves, e.g. by being positioned correctly, which was not the case in the first clip.

That's why we are going to put more focus on educating how simulation can be identified more effectively by presenting you multiple clips on that in the coming year.

By the way - if a player admits that he has simulated and managed to deceive you, but admits it. Would you still caution him?


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