January 17, 2017

National Leagues Referee Appointments - Matchweek 3 (2017)

The following match officials have been selected to take control over the matches played in Europe's top leagues in Matchweek 3. Feel free to ...

- ... share appointments with us (writing them as a comment in the manner below)
- ... share appointments from your national leagues other than those listed below with us, specially if you consider the game as significant (e.g. a derby, a top clash or a very important game etc.)
- ... place video clips you regard as useful for educational and discussion purpose
- ... discuss match situations on the games belonging to the respective matchweek
- ... and much more..

Our matchweekly posts can be easily found in the menu (Referee Appointments > National Leagues).
They will appear on Saturdays most likely and then be filled throughout the week.


Premier League (MD 22)

21.01.17 13:30 CET
Liverpool - Swansea City
Referee: Kevin Friend
Assistant Referees: Darren Cann, Mark Scholes
Fourth Official: Neil Swarbrick

21.01.17 16:00 CET
AFC Bournemouth - Watford
Referee: Lee Mason
Assistant Referees: Mike McDonough, Adrian Holmes
Fourth Official: James Linington

21.01.17 16:00 CET
Crystal Palace - Everton
Referee: Anthony Taylor
Assistant Referees: Gary Beswick, Simon Bennett
Fourth Official: Jonathan Moss

21.01.17 16:00 CET
Middlesbrough - West Ham United
Referee: Martin Atkinson
Assistant Referees: Stephen Child, David Bryan
Fourth Official: Paul Tierney

21.01.17 16:00 CET
Stoke City - Manchester United
Referee: Mark Clattenburg
Assistant Referees: Jake Collin. Richard West
Fourth Official: Graham Scott

21.01.17 16:00 CET
West Bromwich Albion - Sunderland
Referee: Craig Pawson
Assistant Referees: Simon Long, Sian Massey
Fourth Official: Chris Kavanagh

21.01.17 18:30 CET
Manchester City - Tottenham Hotspur
Referee: Andre Marriner
Assistant Referees: Simon Beck, Andy Garratt
Fourth Official: Mike Jones

22.01.17 13:00 CET
Southampton - Leicester City
Referee: Michael Oliver
Assistant Referees: Stuart Burt, Constantine Hatzidakis
Fourth Official: Roger East

22.01.17 15:15 CET
Arsenal - Burnley
Referee: Jonathan Moss
Assistant Referees: Marc Perry, Andy Halliday
Fourth Official: Anthony Taylor

22.01.17 17:30 CET
Chelsea - Hull City
Referee: Neil Swarbrick
Assistant Referees: Scott Ledger, Matt Wilkes
Fourth Official: Graham Scott 


Ligue 1 (MD 21)

20.01.17 20:45 CET
SC Bastia - OGC Nice
Referee: Clément Turpin
Assistant Referees: Cyril Gringore, Nicolas Danos
Fourth Official: Mikael Lesage

21.01.17 17:00 CET
FC Nantes - Paris Saint-Germain
Referee: Johan Hamel
Assistant Referees: Yannick Boutry, Frédéric Hebrard
Fourth Official: Mehdi Mokhtari

21.01.17 20:00 CET
Girondins de Bordeaux - Toulouse FC
Referee: François Letexier
Assistant Referees: Tugdual Philippe, Cyril Mugnier
Fourth Official: Stéphane Jochem

21.01.17 20:00 CET
SM Caen - AS Nancy Lorraine
Referee: Sébastien Desiage
Assistant Referees:  Mickaël Lamouche, Gilles Lang
Fourth Official: Nicolas Dzubanowski

21.01.17 20:00 CET
Dijon FCO - LOSC Lille
Referee: Jérôme Miguelgorry
Assistant Referees: Cedric Moreau, Mehdi Rahmouni
Fourth Official: Eric Wattellier

21.01.17 20:00 CET
Ev Avant Guingamp - Stade Rennais FC
Referee: Tony Chapron
Assistant Referees: Eric Danizan, Alexandre Viala
Fourth Official: Willy Delajod

21.01.17 20:00 CET
FC Metz - Montpellier Hérault SC
Referee: Olivier Thual
Assistant Referees: Matthieu Lombard, Cyril Saint Cricq Lompre
Fourth Official: Romain Lissorgue

22.01.17 15:00 CET
AS Monaco - FC Lorient
Referee: Amaury Delerue
Assistant Referees: Fredji Harchay, Bertrand Jouannaud
Fourth Official: Pierre Gaillouste

22.01.17 17:00 CET
AS Saint-Étienne - Angers SCO
Referee: Benoît Bastien
Assistant Referees: Frédéric Haquette, Hicham Zakrani
Fourth Official: Florent Batta

22.01.17 21:00 CET
Olympique Lyonnais - Olympique de Marseille
Referee: Ruddy Buquet
Assistant Referees: Frédéric Cano, Guillaume Debart
Fourth Official: Frank Schneider 


Bundesliga (MD 17)

20.01.17 20:30 CET
SC Freiburg - Bayern München
Referee: Manuel Gräfe
Assistant Referees: Guido Kleve, Markus Sinn
Fourth Official: Benedikt Kempkes

21.01.17 15:30 CET
FC Augsburg - 1899 Hoffenheim
Referee: Markus Schmidt
Assistant Referees: Thorben Siewer, Christof Günsch
Fourth Official: Daniel Schlager

21.01.17 15:30 CET
SV Darmstadt 98 - Borussia Mönchengladbach
Referee: Marco Fritz
Assistant Referees: Domink Schaal, Christoph Bornhorst
Fourth Official: Timo Gerach

21.01.17 15:30 CET
FC Schalke 04 - FC Ingolstadt
Referee: Harm Osmers
Assistant Referees: Florian Heft, Thomas Gorniak
Fourth Official: Mike Pickel

21.01.17 15:30 CET
Werder Bremen - Borussia Dortmund
Referee: Daniel Siebert
Assistant Referees: Lasse Koslowski, Jan Seidel
Fourth Official: Markus Schüller

21.01.17 15:30 CET
VfL Wolfsburg - Hamburger SV
Referee: Felix Zwayer
Assistant Referees: Thorsten Schiffner, Marco Achmüller
Fourth Official: Alexander Sather

21.01.17 18:30 CET
RB Leipzig - Eintracht Frankfurt
Referee: Deniz Aytekin
Assistant Referees: Christian Dietz, Eduard Beitinger
Fourth Official: Holger Henschel

22.01.17 15:30 CET
Bayer Leverkusen - Hertha BSC
Referee: Tobias Stieler
Assistant Referees: Sascha Thielert, Dr. Matthias Jöllenbeck
Fourth Official: Christian Fischer

22.01.17 17:30 CET
1. FSV Mainz - 1. FC Köln
Referee: Dr. Felix Brych
Assistant Referees: Mark Borsch, Stefan Lupp
Fourth Official: Florian Badstübner 


Coppa Italia (Round of 16):

17.01.17 21:00 CET
FC Internazionale - Bologna FC
Referee: Maurizio Mariani
Assistant Referees: Riccardo Di Fiore, Giorgio Schenone
Fourth Official: Paolo Silvio Mazzoleni

18.01.17 17:30 CET
US Sassuolo Calcio - AC Cesena
Referee: Gianluca Rocchi
Assistant Referees: Mauro Vivenzi, Rodolfo Di Vuolo
Fourth Official: Luca Pairetto

18.01.17 21:00 CET
SS Lazio - Genoa CFC
Referee: Antonio Damato
Assistant Referees: Giacomo Paganessi, Alessandro Lo Cicero
Fourth Official: Claudio Gavillucci

19.01.17 21:00 CET
AS Roma - UC Sampdoria
Referee: Gianpaolo Calvarese
Assistant Referees: Gianluca Cariolato, Giorgio Peretti
Fourth Official: Carmine Russo

Serie A (MD 21)

21.01.17 18:00 CET
Chievo Verona - ACF Fiorentina
Referee: Fabio Maresca
Assistant Referees: Lorenzo Manganelli, Damiano Di Iorio
Additional Assistant Referees: Gianpaolo Calvarese, Gianluca Aureliano
Fourth Official: Giorgio Schenone

21.01.17 20:45 CET
AC Milan - SSC Napoli
Referee: Gianluca Rocchi
Assistant Referees: Alessandro Costanzo, Giulio Dobosz
Additional Assistant Referees: Antonio Damato, Daniele Doveri
Fourth Official: Filippo Meli

22.01.17 12:30 CET
Juventus - SS Lazio
Referee: Davide Massa
Assistant Referees: Matteo Passeri, Andrea Marzaloni
Additional Assistant Referees: Paolo Tagliavento, Domenico Celi
Fourth Official: Marco Barbirati

22.01.17 15:00 CET
Bologna FC - Torino FC
Referee: Davide Ghersini
Assistant Referees: Mauro Vivenzi, Luca Mondin
Additional Assistant Referees: Daniele Orsato, Daniele Minelli
Fourth Official: Stefano Alassio

22.01.17 15:00 CET
Empoli FC - Udinese Calcio
Referee: Carmine Russo
Assistant Referees: Gianluca Vuoto, Christian Rossi
Additional Assistant Referees: Piero Giacomelli, Antonio Di Martino
Fourth Official: Omar Gava

22.01.17 15:00 CET
Genoa CFC - FC Crotone
Referee: Maurizio Mariani
Assistant Referees: Fabrizio Posado, Stefano Liberti
Additional Assistant Referees: Paolo Silvio Mazzoleni, Francesco Paolo Saia
Fourth Official: Alberto Tegoni

22.01.17 15:00 CET
US Città di Palermo - FC Internazionale
Referee: Massimiliano Irrati
Assistant Referees: Giacomo Paganessi, Giorgio Peretti
Additional Assistant Referees: Luca Banti, Federico La Penna
Fourth Official: Alfonso Marrazzo

22.01.17 15:00 CET
Delfino Pescara 1936 - US Sassuolo Calcio
Referee: Paolo Valeri
Assistant Referees: Gianluca Cariolato, Stefano Del Giovane
Additional Assistant Referees: Michael Fabbri, Daniele Minelli
Fourth Official: Giuseppe De Pinto

22.01.17 18:00 CET
Atalanta - UC Sampdoria
Referee: Nicola Rizzoli
Assistant Referees: Riccardo Di Fiore, Valerio Pegorin
Additional Assistant Referees: Juan Luca Sacchi, Marco Serra
Fourth Official: Alessio Tolfo

22.01.17 20:45 CET
AS Roma - Cagliari Calcio
Referee: Marco Guida
Assistant Referees: Gianmattia Tasso, Filippo Valeriani
Additional Assistant Referees: Luca Pairetto, Rosario Abisso
Fourth Official: Rodolfo Di Vuolo


Copa del Rey (Quarterfinals, First leg)

18.01.17 19:15 CET
AD Alcorcón - Deportivo Alavés
Referee: Alfonso Javier Álvarez Izquierdo
Assistant Referees: Juan Carlos Barranco Trejo, Joan Méndez Mateo
Fourth Official: Rubén Ávalos Barrera

18.01.17 21:15 CET
Real Madrid CF - RC Celta de Vigo
Referee: David Fernández Borbalán
Assistant Referees: Raúl Cabañero Martínez, Jorge Canelo Prieto
Fourth Official: José Antonio Sánchez Villalobos

19.01.17 19:15 CET
Club Atlético de Madrid - SD Eibar
Referee: Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz
Assistant Referees: Pau Cebrián Devís, César Manuel Noval Font
Fourth Official: Julio Mena Gimeno

19.01.17 21:15 CET
Real Sociedad de Fútbol - FC Barcelona
Referee: José Luis González González
Assistant Referees: José María Sánchez Santos, Ignacio Rubio Palomino
Fourth Official: Alfonso Vicente Moral                 

La Liga (MD 19)

20.01.17, 20:45 CET
Unión Deportiva Las Palmas - Real Club Deportivo de La Coruña
Referee: David Fernández Borbalán
Assistant Referees: Raúl Cabañero Martínez, Jorge Canelo Prieto
Fourth Official: Víctor Pérez Peraza

21.01.17, 13:00 CET
Real Club Deportivo Espanyol de Barcelona - Granada Club de Fútbol
Referee: Carlos Clos Gómez
Assistant Referees: Pau Cebrián Devís, Jon Núñez Fernández
Fourth Official: Juan Antonio Campos Salinas

21.01.17, 16:15 CET
Real Madrid Club de Fútbol - Málaga Club de Fútbol
Referee: Jesús Gil Manzano
Assistant Referees: Ángel Nevado Rodríguez, José Manuel Fernández Miranda
Fourth Official: Alfonso Vicente Moral

21.01.17, 18:30 CET
Deportivo Alavés - Club Deportivo Leganés
Referee: José Luis Munuera Montero
Assistant Referees: José Manuel Matías Caballero, Alfonso Baena Espejo
Fourth Official: Antonio Monter Solans

21.01.17, 20:45 CET
Villarreal Club de Fútbol - Valencia Club de Fútbol
Referee: Jose Luis González González
Assistant Referees: José María Sánchez Santos, Ignacio Rubio Palomino
Fourth Official: Albert Catalá Ferrán

22.01.17, 12:00 CET
Club Atlético Osasuna - Sevilla Fútbol Club
Referee: Javier Estrada Fernández
Assistant Referees: Miguel Martínez Munuera, Francisco Javier Martín García
Fourth Official: Ibai Rezola Etxeberria

22.01.17, 16:15 CET
Athletic Club - Club Atlético de Madrid
Referee: Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva
Assistant Referees: Alfonso Costoya Rodríguez, Enrique José Ramos Ferreiros
Fourth Official: Antonio Santos Pargaña

22.01.17, 18:30 CET
Real Betis Balompié - Real Sporting de Gijón
Referee: Alberto Undiano Mallenco
Assistant Referees: Roberto Alonso Fernández, Jesús Zancada Lobato
Fourth Official: José Manuel Fernández Fernández

22.01.17, 18:30 CET
Real Sociedad de Fútbol - Real Club Celta de Vigo
Referee: Carlos Del Cerro Grande 
Assistant Referees: Juan Carlos Yuste Jiménez, Abraham Álvarez Cantón
Fourth Official: Álvaro Moreno Aragón

22.01.17, 20:45 CET
Sociedad Deportiva Eibar - Fútbol Club Barcelona
Referee: José María Sánchez Martínez
Assistant Referees: Diego Barbero Sevilla, José Gallego García
Fourth Official: Álvaro López Parra


  1. A small correction: ARs for Real Sociedad - Celta de Vigo are Juan Carlos Yuste Jiménez and Abraham Álvarez Cantón.


    1. Thanks, fixed. Sorry for that.

    2. BTW, César Díez Cano has been replaced as 4OF due to injury by Álvaro Moreno Aragón.

      ARs for Eibar - Barcelona are wrong also: they should be Diego Barbero Sevilla and José Gallego García.

      Sorry xD

  2. Taça de Portugal Placard

    17.01.2017 19:15 CET
    GD Estoril Praia - Associação Académica de Coimbra
    Referee: Rui Manuel Gomes da Costa
    Assistant Referee 1: Nuno Miguel da Silva Manso
    Assistant Referee 2: Tiago José Pereira Costa
    Fourth Official: João Borlido de Matos
    Video Assistant Referee: Fábio José Costa Veríssimo
    Additional Video Assistant Referee: Tiago André Cardoso Antunes

    17.01.2017 21:15 pm
    GD Chaves - Sporting CP
    Referee: Artur Manuel Ribeiro Soares Dias
    Assistant Referee 1: Rui Licínio Barbosa Tavares
    Assistant Referee 2: Paulo Alexandre Santos Soares
    Fourth Official: André Silva Neto

    18.01.2017 19:30 CET
    SC Covilhã - Vitória SC
    Referee: Manuel António Rodrigues Oliveira
    Assistant Referee 1: Pedro Ricardo Ferreira Ribeiro
    Assistant Referee 2: Tiago Oliveira Leandro
    Fourth Official: João Pedro Silva Pinho

    18.01.2017 21:30 CET
    SL Benfica - Leixões SC
    Referee: Gonçalo Emanuel Paiva Martins
    Assistant Referee 1: Bruno Miguel Silva Trindade
    Assistant Referee 2: Sérgio Nuno Teixeira Jesus
    Fourth Official: João Carlos dos Santos Capela
    Video Assistant Referee: Hugo Filipe Ferreira Campos Moreira Miguel
    Additional Video Assistant Referee: Bruno Miguel Duarte Paixão

  3. Ligue 1
    Matchday 18 (postponed game)

    18.01.2017 20:00
    FC Nantes - SM Caen
    Referee: Jérôme Miguelgorry
    Assistant Referee 1: Cédric Moreau
    Assistant Referee 2: Benjamin Pages
    Fourth Official: Romain Lissorgue


    Croky Cup
    Semi-Finals, First Legs

    17.01.2017 20:30 CET
    KV Oostende - KRC Genk
    Referee: Bart Vertenten
    Assistant Referees: Rien Vanyzere, Thibaud Nijssen
    Fourth Official: Nicolas Ponsar
    Additional Assistant Referees: Lawrence Visser, Frederik Geldhof

    18.01.2017 20:45 CET
    SV Zulte Waregem - KAS Eupen
    Referee: Nicolas Laforge
    Assistant Referees: Karel De Rocker, Laurent Conotte
    Fourth Official: Kévin Monteny
    Additional Assistant Referees: Alexandre Boucaut, Bram Van Driessche

    Jupiler Pro League
    Matchday 22

    20.01.2017 20:30 CET
    KAA Gent - Royal Charleroi SC
    Referee: Sébastien Delferière
    Assistant Referees: Yves De Neve, Stijn Hutsebaut
    Fourth Official: Christof Dierick

    21.01.2017 18:00 CET
    KV Kortrijk - SV Zulte Waregem
    Referee: Lawrence Visser
    Assistant Referees: Jo De Weirdt, Nicolas Ponsar
    Fourth Official: Bart Vertenten

    21.01.2017 20:00 CET
    KV Red Star Waasland–SK Beveren - KV Oostende
    Referee: Luc Wouters
    Assistant Referees: Christophe Baillieul, Koen Thys
    Fourth Official: Wesley Alen

    21.01.2017 20:00 CET
    Royal Excel Mouscron - KSC Lokeren Oost-Vlaanderen
    Referee: Erik Lambrechts
    Assistant Referees: Karel De Rocker, Vito Di Vincenzo
    Fourth Official: Frederik Geldhof

    21.01.2017 20:30 CET
    KAS Eupen - KRC Genk
    Referee: Nathan Verboomen
    Assistant Referees: Peter Hermans, Tom Dens
    Fourth Official: Jan Boterberg

    22.01.2017 14:30
    Royal Standard de Liège - Club Brugge KV
    Referee: Serge Gumienny
    Assistant Referees: Jimmy Cremers, Kristof Meers
    Fourth Official: Alexandre Boucaut

    22.01.2017 18:00 CET
    RSC Anderlecht - Koninklijke Sint-Truidense VV
    Referee: Wim Smet
    Assistant Referees: Dirk Gilon, Jeroen Walschap
    Fourth Official: Bram Van Driessche

    22.01.2017 20:00 CET
    Yellow-Red KV Mechelen - KVC Westerlo
    Referee: Jonathan Lardot
    Assistant Referees: Laurent Conotte, Frédéric Godelaine
    Fourth Official: Nicolas Laforge

  5. OT
    Does anyone know what conditions an observer needs to provide to be an UEFA Observer?
    I'm talking about assistant referees.
    Maybe Niclas and Chefren can help.
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Dear RefRef,

      There are some requirements UEFA observers should possess:
      - they should be qualified referee observers in the highest national league
      - they must have a high level of English sufficient to do debriefings and give referees both a decent feedback on their performance and a written observer report
      - they should possess a PC, mail account, mobile phone and camera
      - they have to take an introductory course which lasts min. 2 days
      - they should have time for min. 10 days they spend for UEFA observations and 50 days max. per annum/season.

      These are the official regulations. But it could be that there are also restrictions in terms of a maximum number of observer per federation (I think there is no association with more than 5 or 6 observers..).

    2. Thank you a lot dear Niclas.
      All this things are familiar to me but my question about conditions wasn't precise..

      Uefa observer had to be an ex FIFA referee, but for how many years?

      And is there a differencein conditions for AR and Referee?
      Do (for excample) AR needs to have some minimum of matches on international level or to have some finals?

      If you want to, I can contact you via mail.

  6. France: Coupe De La Ligue, Semifinals

    24/01/2017, 21:00 CET
    Girondins de Bordeaux - Paris Saint-Germain
    Referee: Clément Turpin
    Assistant Referees: Frédéric Haquette, Cyril Mugnier
    Additional Assistant Referees: François Letexier, Bartolomeu Varela
    Fourth Official: Karim Abed

    25/01/2017, 21:00
    AS Monaco - AS Nancy-Lorraine
    Referee: Ruddy Buquet
    Assistant Referees: Guillaume Debart, Frédéric Cano
    Additional Assistant Referees: Tony Chapron, Amaury Delerue
    Fourth Official: Jérôme Miguelgorry

    1. These matches will be played on next matchweek.

    Matchday 19

    20.01.2017 20:00 CET
    FC Twente - Heracles Almelo
    Referee: Danny Makkelie
    Assistant Referees: Mario Diks, Hessel Steegstra
    Fourth Official: Erwin Blank

    21.01.2017 18:30 CET
    AZ - Sparta Rotterdam
    Referee: Dennis Higler
    Assistant Referees: Joost van Zuilen, Freek Vandeursen
    Fourth Official: Rob Dieperink

    21.01.2017 19:45 CET
    ADO Den Haag - PEC Zwolle
    Referee: Christiaan Bax
    Assistant Referees: Bas van Dongen, Richard Brondijk
    Fourth Official: Christian Mulder

    21.01.2017 19:45 CET
    Feyenoord - Willem II
    Referee: Ed Janssen
    Assistant Referees: Nicky Siebert, Mark Strijker
    Fourth Official: Allard Lindhout

    21.01.2017 20:45 CET
    FC Groningen - Vitesse
    Referee: Jeroen Manschot
    Assistant Referees: Peter Janson, Erik Kleinjan
    Fourth Official: Laurens Gerrets

    22.01.2017 12:30 CET
    FC Utrecht - Ajax
    Referee: Björn Kuipers
    Assistant Referees: Sander van Roekel, Erwin Zeinstra
    Fourth Official: Jochem Kamphuis

    22.01.2017 14:30
    Excelsior - Go Ahead Eagles
    Referee: Kevin Blom
    Assistant Referees: Patrick Langkamp, Terry Hoekstra
    Fourth Official: Richard Martens

    22.01.2017 14:30 CET
    NEC - Roda JC Kerkrade
    Referee: Edwin van de Graaf
    Assistant Referees: Cristian Dobre, Roy de Nas
    Fourth Official: Ingmar Oostrom

    22.01.2017 16:45 CET
    PSV - SC Heerenveen
    Referee: Bas Nijhuis
    Assistant Referees: Rob van de Ven, Charles Schaap
    Fourth Official: Martin van den Kerkhof

    KNVB Beker

    24.01.2017 20:45 CET
    FC Volendam - Sparta Rotterdam
    Referee: Jochem Kamphuis
    Assistant Referees: Dave Goossens, Rens Bluemink
    Fourth Official: Christiaan Bax

    25.01.2017 18:30 CET
    FC Utrecht - SC Cambuur
    Referee: Pol van Boekel
    Assistant Referees: Bas van Dongen, Richard Brondijk
    Fourth Official: Allard Lindhout

    25.01.2017 20:45 CET
    AZ - SC Heerenveen
    Referee: Björn Kuipers
    Assistant Referees: Sander van Roekel, Erwin Zeinstra
    Fourth Official: Jeroen Manschot

    26.01.2017 20:45 CET
    Vitesse - Feyenoord
    Referee: Danny Makkelie
    Assistant Referees: Mario Diks, Hessel Steegstra
    Fourth Official: Edwin van de Graaf

    1. No surprises as the Dutch No. 1 Björn Kuipers rules the appointments!! 😎

  8. What about the Englishman Mike Dean? I don't see his name as a center referee in any of the Premier League assignments.

    1. Mike Dean will referee the Barnsley FC - Leeds United AFC game in the Sky Bet Championship on Saturday (18:30 CET).

    2. Punished? I know that he's had a few rough outings lately. And I've seen quite a few articles making a big deal over him being assigned to a lower level.

    3. I read somewhere that PGMOL has confirmed that this isn't any punishment for Mike Dean... It's common practice for all top officials to pay a visit to Championship games once or twice during a season (although Oliver, Taylor and maybe a couple more referees are yet to do so during this season)... Overall I don't think it's any huge issue for Mike Dean... This small break from the extreme pressure of Premier League might just bring back the best in him!!

    4. I wouldn't see it as punishment; it might be good for all parties involved to have an easier game with less press coverage and controversy.

    5. So is anybody willing to comment on how this "break", this "easier game", worked out for Mr. Dean? Was his performance free of controversy?

  9. By the way, the idea that you manage referees by "punishing" them is, I believe, an invention by Keith Hackett, and a ludicrous one at that. A referee may be dropped because he is not fit/capable to referee a game, or because he needs a break/time to get back to speed. But Hackett's idea that a referee should not receive a game to 'punish' him and teach him to do better next time strikes me as terrible psychology and awful workforce management.


    Liga NOS - Matchday 18

    20.01.2017, 21:30 CET
    FC Paços de Ferreira - Moreirense FC
    Referee: Manuel Mota da Silva
    Assistant Referees: Paulo Jorge Fonte Vieira, José Carlos da Costa Gomes
    Fourth Official: Vitor Jorge Fernandes Ferreira

    21.01.2017, 17:00 CET
    FC Porto - Rio Ave FC
    Referee: Manuel Jorge Neves Moreira de Sousa
    Assistant Referees: Álvaro Daniel Carvalho Mesquita, Nuno Miguel da Silva Manso
    Fourth Official: Manuel António Rodrigues Oliveira

    21.01.2017, 19:15 CET
    CS Marítimo - Sporting CP
    Referee: João Pedro da Silva Pinheiro
    Assistant Referees: Nelson Carlos Cordeiro Moniz, Inácio Altino da Costa Pereira
    Fourth Official: Pedro Miguel Machado Vilaça

    21.01.2017, 21:30 CET
    FC Arouca - Boavista FC
    Referee: Hugo Filipe Ferreira Campos Moreira Miguel
    Assistant Referees: Ricardo Jorge Ferreira dos Santos, Nuno Miguel Roque Conceição
    Fourth Official: Miguel Alexandre Rios Libório Medeiros Silva

    22.01.2017, 17:00 CET
    CD Feirense - GD Estoril Praia
    Referee: Carlos Miguel Taborda Xistra
    Assistant Referees: Bruno Miguel Campos Rodrigues, Jorge Manuel Lopes Cruz
    Fourth Official: Luís Pedro Oliveira Máximo

    22.01.2017, 17:00 CET
    SL Benfica - CD Tondela
    Referee: Bruno Alexandre da Silva Esteves
    Assistant Referees: Rui Miguel Martins Teixeira, Valter António Sobral Pereira
    Fourth Official: Hélder Miguel Azevedo Malheiro

    22.01.2017, 19:00 CET
    CF Os Belenenses - Vitória FC
    Referee: João Carlos dos Santos Capela
    Assistant Referees: Tiago Manuel Almeida Rocha, Bruno Miguel Alves de Jesus
    Fourth Official: José Carlos Quitério Almeida

    22.01.2017, 21:15 CET
    SC Braga - Vitória SC
    Referee: Fábio José Costa Veríssimo
    Assistant Referees: Paulo Alexandre Santos Soares, Pedro Alexandre Martins Costa Felisberto
    Fourth Official: António Emanuel Carvalho Nobre

    23.01.2017, 21:00 CET
    GD Chaves - CD Nacional
    Referee: Tiago André Cardoso Antunes
    Assistant Referees: Nuno Filipe Santos Tomás Pereira, Paulo Ricardo Duarte Brás
    Fourth Official: Bruno Miguel do Carmo Vieira

    Ledman LigaPro - Matchday 23 *

    21.01.2017, 12:15 CET
    FC Penafiel - Portimonense SC
    Referee: João Pedro Sousa Mendes
    Assistant Referees: Miguel André Raimundo Figueira Aguilar, Pedro Miguel Almeida Mota
    Fourth Official: Pedro Ricardo Ferreira Ribeiro

    21.01.2017, 16:00 CET
    SC Braga "B" - CF União
    Referee: Luís Miguel Branco Godinho
    Assistant Referees: José Miguel Monteiro Braga, Valter Manuel Dias Rufo
    Fourth Official: Tiago Oliveira Leandro

    22.01.2017, 12:15 CET
    Académico de Viseu FC - FC Porto "B"
    Referee: Rui Filipe Cunha Folha Oliveira
    Assistant Referees: Rui Alberto de Matos Fernandes, Pedro Miguel Araújo Fernandes
    Fourth Official: Tiago José Pereira Costa

    22.01.2017, 16:00 CET
    Gil Vicente FC - FC Vizela
    Referee: Bruno Miguel Duarte Paixão
    Assistant Referees: António Manuel Albino Godinho, Venâncio Manuel Raposo Baptista Tomé
    Fourth Official: Jorge António Alves Fernandes

    22.01.2017, 16:00 CET
    SC Freamunde - AD Fafe
    Referee: Luís Miguel Rodrigues Ferreira
    Assistant Referees: Luís Alberto Ferreira Cabral, João Nuno Lobarinhas Silva Eiras
    Fourth Official: Tiago José Ferreira Mendes

    22.01.2017, 17:00 CET
    CD Santa Clara - Associação Académica de Coimbra
    Referee: Artur Manuel Ribeiro Soares Dias
    Assistant Referees: Rui Licínio Barbosa Tavares, João Manuel Costa da Silva
    Fourth Official: André Filipe Nogueira Dias

    * top-category referees only

    1. Hélder Miguel Azevedo Malheiro has replaced João Carlos dos Santos Capela in the CF Os Belenenses - Vitória FC game.

      José Carlos Silva Campos Rodrigues will be a fourth official in the SL Benfica - CD Tondela game instead of Hélder Malheiro.

  11. Fantastic decision for foul against law 12. Trying to cheat the rule for s backpass. Seems like the head referee got help via headset. https://streamable.com/9n8us

    1. Excellent decision, you can see how much Verratti is an unsportsmanlike player, he showed again that. That's why he gets YC for simulation very often.

    2. However, it seems that only after receiving an advice from his colleague, the referee Johan Hamel was able to make this decision. At first, he made gestures suggesting to the GK to not handle the ball(?)

    3. Yes it looked like that. This situation happens maybe once every 2-3 seasons for a referee but I would still expect a professional referee to blow the whistle instantly. It was super obvious.

    4. I would not have been opposed to a YC to Thiago Motta there.

  12. 2:00 yellow card and injury management https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuyNGuXhG48&t=6s

    1. The YC depends on the match atmosphere - was the player frustrated/aggressive earlier?, was the atmosphere hot or becoming hot at the moment?. If not, a verbal warning would suit although the chance to clearly play the ball in this case was close to zero. We have surely no SPA and the tackle itself is more careless than reckless.

      Injury management was very good, in my opinion. It's more important to check players up than to issue a YC in such situation. The only exception to that is when the possible delay in issuing card may cause mass confrontation or something like that. Then, the card has to be issued as quickly as possible. That was not the case.

    2. Thank you. To me it was worthy of a yellow. In videos it tends to looks slower than it actually is. It looked like a hard leg tackle to me so that's why I gave a yellow card. Thank you for the compliments about the injury management. The match atmosphere was calm but you never know with U19 what might happen anytime. But before the tackle not really any problem. If you see the whole video you can see the previous free kicks of the match.

  13. DOGSO, SFP or maybe YC for reckless SPA?


    1. It can be RC for SFP. Having to assess the attack as promising / OGSO, I would say OGSO. So both reasons for a RC.

  14. https://docs.google.com/viewerng/viewer?url=http://cdn1.sefutbol.com/sites/default/files/copa_s.m._el_rey_cuartos_vuelta.pdf

    Appoitments for 2nd legs of Copa del Rey

  15. Mike Dean is gonna Mike Dean regardless of division. Next stop, League One?

    1. Whether you like Dean or not and the answer I'm sure is quite academic, you can't say that penalty is his decision. It definitely was taken by AR2 Cook. It wasn't (really a demotion - otherwise they wouldn't have) sent him to a television match.

  16. Salem Hakim Ben El Hadj has replaced Olivier Thual in the FC Metz - Montpellier HSC game.

    João Paulo Câmara Branco has replaced André Filipe Nogueira Dias at the fourth official function in the CD Santa Clara - Associação Académica de Coimbra.

    1. Ben El Hadj's appointment is very strange as he is not a First division referee anymore. He has been relegated at the beginning of this season after only 1 season in Ligue 1 and there was no info about a promotion in winter. Plus, he was not even appointed as a fourth official for this match...

    2. Another Ligue 2 referee, Jérôme Brisard, handled a Ligue 1 game on 14 January. It was his debut at the highest level of French football.

  17. What are your thoughts about this?


    1. Difficult. He runs toward the ball, but at the same time that has no impact on the defenders. For me, he doesn't interfere with an opponent, he doesn't interfere with play, and so it is a regular goal.

    2. I had not seen this and posted the same scene below.
      I agree, it's regular with the current interpretation.
      But if the defender doesn't stop, but runs into his opponent and maybe fouls him, it's offside. Is that really, what we want?

  18. If we forget that it was offside how is this not a straight red card? https://my.mixtape.moe/lpngif.mp4

  19. Again many mistakes by ARs in Premier league. I watched three games (City-Tottenham, Southampton-Leiecester and Arsenal-Burnley) and in all of them they made clear mistakes. Second Tottenham goal, second Arsenal's goal (attacker was in clear offside before the penalty that was given by the same AR) and own goal from Leiecester defender was annuled because of offside, but only attacker's hand was offside and it is a question whether he influenced a play at all. Of course, about Moss' performance in London will be lot of discussion.
    In Spain, Javier Estrada Fernandez had blackout somewhere in 74'. Osasuna had goal scoring opportunity and he accidentally stopped the play, no one knows why. Probably he thought attacker was offside, but the flag correctly stayed down. Incredible lack of concentration. The crowd gone crazy. It was 2-2 then. Few minutes later Sevilla scored and the scorer pushed opponent from behind, so it was foul. Osasuna footballers made big protests and only received several cards. Very bad and annoying performance from the ref.

    1. Do you have a video of Estrada's incident? I'm reading many things in the press but I have not found any video of the wrong offside call.

    2. http://streamable.com/hk4ww

    3. Better quality and in full:


    4. Moss was basically very good in London, two correct (very) crucial decisions in a intensive moments and otherwise a good performance

      Red#29, Red Card, Serious Foul Play
      + Very high force and dangerous before contact is made
      + High hitting point
      + No chances to play the ball
      - Control of the body
      - No dangerous contact with the second leg
      Overall anyway enough to accept an SFP to my mind

      93' Penalty
      Pretty clear kick, brave and correct decision

      98' Penalty
      If anyone remembers Fröjdfeldt in TUR - CZE with a kick to the head... Maybe not the clearest penalty but studs to the face basically is a foul.

      Quite Challenging
      +0.1 correctly (acceptably) solved three crucial situations
      -0.1 Missing caution for foul at first half on Red#12, AR1's vicinity but Moss had good chances to see it.
      Personality fine, maybe slightly excessive gestures. All cards expected, fouls okay. Cooperation and fitness no problems.

      All the best

    5. To me. 93 is a clear red card.

    6. Where is the clear offside miss Jelena?


  20. Thank you both. Seems that indeed he made a mistake that should not happen at this level. Good luck and I hope he recovers soon.

  21. EFL Cup Semifinal
    Leg Two
    Wednesday 25th January 2017

    Liverpool (0-1) Southampton
    Assistant Referees: Steve Child and Adam Nunn
    Fourth Official: Paul Tierney

    Thursday 26th January 2017

    Hull City (0-2) Manchester United
    Referee: JON MOSS
    Assistant Referees: Marc Perry and Andy Halliday
    Fourth Official: Craig Pawson

  22. Some situations from the Bundesliga weekend:
    Three handball penalty appeals (all not given)
    1) http://www.pic-upload.de/view-32535249/test.gif.html (Referee: Osmers)
    2) http://www.pic-upload.de/view-32535287/test.gif.html (Referee: Schmidt)
    3) http://www.pic-upload.de/view-32535365/test.gif.html (Referee: Fritz)
    and one active/passive offside situation (decision: goal)
    4) http://www.pic-upload.de/view-32535326/test.gif.html (Referee: Schmidt)
    (Video links from wahretabelle.de)

    1. My answers are based on interpretations referees are forced to apply in Poland.

      1) Play-on. Hand doesn't increase the body surface.
      2) Penalty. Although the ball is unexpected after deflection and is not going into the goal anymore, the hand is in an unnatural position and significantly increases the body surface.
      3) Penalty. Ball is expected, hand increases the body surface.

    2. My opinion:
      1) Yes, but the arm is in a very unnatural position. Would accept both decisions but slight tendency to penalty
      2) You are right, but does it really hit the arm - I doubt it
      3) On the other hand short distance and normal position. Rather penalty for me, but no crucial mistake

  23. Opinions on the 98th minute Burnley-Arsenal penalty? I'm quite torn, but would think that the offside should precede the foul, no? Koscielny does become actively engaged in play before he is fouled?

  24. What do you think of these incidents? Should Messi have been sent off? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aA1zxxmMcQU

    1. Yes. I hate such behaviours that are very often nowadays. There is no reason to stand in front of the ball at a free kick to your opponents apart from a will to waste some time to your defensive line!

  25. Clattenburg has been appointed for Liverpool - Chelsea on next week (31/01) in the middle of the UEFA Winter Course for Elite and New FIFA referees. That's more than strange, I don't know how this is possible. Perhaps Clattenburg will be replaced, difficult to think that he could be out from the course.
    Dates for the course are 29/01 - 02/02.

    1. Chefren, I have a question on this: if new FIFA referees participate in that course, will they already be able to oversee games on the 3rd February. Because François Letexier is appointed in the Ligue 1 Friday night game between Metz and Marseille.


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