February 28, 2017

National Leagues Referee Appointments - Matchweek 9 (2017)

The following match officials have been selected to take control over the matches played in Europe's top leagues in Matchweek 9. Feel free to ...

- ... share appointments with us (writing them as a comment in the manner below)
- ... share appointments from your national leagues other than those listed below with us, specially if you consider the game as significant (e.g. a derby, a top clash or a very important game etc.)
- ... place video clips you regard as useful for educational and discussion purpose
- ... discuss match situations on the games belonging to the respective matchweek
- ... and much more..

Our matchweekly posts can be easily found in the menu (Referee Appointments > National Leagues).
They will appear on Saturdays most likely and then be filled throughout the week.


FA Cup (Fifth Round Proper, Replay) 

01.03.17 20:45 CET
Manchester City - Huddersfield
Referee: Paul Tierney
Assistant Referees: Harry Lennard, Simon Long
Fourth Official: Jonathan Moss

Premier League (MD 27)

04.03.17 13:30 CET
Manchester United - AFC Bournemouth
Referee: Kevin Friend
Assistant Referees: Darren Cann, Matt Wilkes
Fourth Official: Lee Probert

04.03.17 16:00 CET
Leicester City - Hull City
Referee: Mike Dean
Assistant Referees: Simon Long, Derek Eaton
Fourth Official: Neil Swarbrick

04.03.17 16:00 CET
Stoke City - Middlesbrough
Referee: Craig Pawson
Assistant Referees: Ian Hussin, Scott Ledger
Fourth Official: Paul Tierney

04.03.17 16:00 CET
Swansea City - Burnley
Referee: Anthony Taylor
Assistant Referees: Jake Collin, Simon Bennett
Fourth Official: Stuart Attwell

04.03.17 16:00 CET
Watford - Southampton
Referee: Jonathan Moss
Assistant Referees: Edward Smart, Harry Lennard
Fourth Official: James Linington

04.03.17 16:00 CET
West Bromwich Albion - Crystal Palace
Referee: Mike Jones
Assistant Referees: Andy Garratt, Mark Scholes
Fourth Official: Mark Clattenburg

04.03.17 18:30 CET
Liverpool - Arsenal
Referee: Robert Madley
Assistant Referees: Peter Kirkup, Marc Perry
Fourth Official: Andre Marriner

05.03.17 14:30 CET
Tottenham Hotspur - Everton
Referee: Michael Oliver
Assistant Referees: Stuart Burt, Constantine Hatzidakis
Fourth Official: Neil Swarbrick

05.03.17 17:00 CET
Sunderland - Manchester City
Referee: Martin Atkinson
Assistant Referees: Stephen Child, Adrian Holmes
Fourth Official: Paul Tierney

06.03.17 21:00 CET
West Ham - Chelsea
Referee: Andre Marriner
Assistant Referees: Simon Beck, Richard West
Fourth Official: Mike Dean 


Coupe de France (Round of 16)

28.02.17 18:00 CET
CA Bastia - Angers SCO
Referee: Amaury Delerue
Assistant Referees: Bertrand Jouannaud, Mehdi Ramouni
Additional Assistant Referees: Florent Batta, William Lavis
Fourth Official: Thomas Leonard

28.02.17 18:00 CET
Étoile Fréjus-Saint-Raphaël FC - Aj Auxerre
Referee: Hakim Ben El Hadj
Assistant Referees: Yannick Boutry, Benjamin Pagès
Additional Assistant Referees: Eric Wattellier, Sophien Benchabane
Fourth Official: Olivier Husset

28.02.17 21:00 CET
Girondins de Bordeaux - FC Lorient
Referee: Mikael Lesage
Assistant Referees: Sébastien Denis, Cyril Mugnier
Additional Assistant Referees: Sylvain Palhies, Aurélien Petit
Fourth Official: Stéphane Jochem

01.03.17 18:30 CET
US Avranches - AS Strasbourg
Referee:  Lionel Jaffredo
Assistant Referees: Tugdual Philippe, Pierre Chevreux
Additional Assistant Referees: Mehdi Mokhtari, Yohann Rouinsard
Fourth Official: Alexandre Perreau Niel

01.03.17 18:30 CET
Chamois Niortais - Paris Saint Germain
Referee: Bartolomeu Varela
Assistant Referees: Frédéric Hebrard, Mickaël Lamouche
Additional Assistant Referees: Jérôme Brisard, Jérémy Stinat
Fourth Official: Floris Aubin

01.03.17 18:30 CET
US Quevilly - En Avant Guingamp
Referee: Nicolas Rainville 
Assistant Referees: Julien Aube, Nicolas Henninot
Additional Assistant Referees: Romain Lissorgue, Stéphanie Frappart
Fourth Official: Bastien Dechepy

01.03.17 21:00 CET
Olympique de Marseille - AS Monaco
Referee: Benoit Millot
Assistant Referees: Julien Pacelli, Alexandre Viala
Additional Assistant Referees: Johan Hamel, Karim Abed
Fourth Official: François Letexier

02.03.17 21:00 CET
Bergerac Foot - LOSC Lille
Referee: Olivier Thual
Assistant Referees: Cyril Saint-Cricq Lompre, Matthieu Lombard
Additional Assistant Referees: Willy Delajod, Pierre Gaillouste
Fourth Official: Romain Delpech

Ligue 1 (MD 24)

01.03.17 19:30 CET
SC Bastia - FC Nantes
Referee: Ruddy Buquet
Assistant Referees: Frédéric Cano, Guillaume Debart
Fourth Official: Alexandre Castro

Ligue 1 (MD 28)

03.03.17 20:45 CET
Girondins de Bordeaux - Olympique Lyonnais
Referee: Frank Schneider
Assistant Referees: Nicolas Henninot, Hicham Zakrani
Fourth Official: Karim Abed

04.03.17 17:00 CET
Paris Saint Germain - AS Nancy Lorraine
Referee: Antony Gautier 
Assistant Referees: Mickaël Annonier, Philippe Jeanne
Fourth Official: William Lavis

04.03.17 20:00 CET
SC Bastia - AS St-Étienne
Referee: Nicolas Rainville
Assistant Referees: Huseyin Ocak, Frédéric Hebrard
Fourth Official: Olivier Thual

04.03.17 20:00 CET
SM Caen - Angers SCO
Referee: Tony Chapron
Assistant Referees: Tugdual Philippe, Alexandre Viala
Fourth Official: Jérémy Stinat

04.03.17 20:00 CET
Dijon FCO - OGC Nice
Referee: Bartolomeu Varela 
Assistant Referees: Bertrand Jouannaud, Gilles Lang
Fourth Official: Eric Wattellier

04.03.17 20:00 CET
FC Metz - Stade Rennais FC
Referee: Benoit Millot
Assistant Referees: Stephan Luzi, Julien Pcaelli
Fourth Official: Romain Delpech

04.03.17 20:00 CET
Montpellier Hérault SC - En Avant Guingamp
Referee: Jérôme Brisard
Assistant Referees: Cedric Moreau, Sébastien Denis
Fourth Official: Willy Delajod

05.03.17 15:00 CET
FC Lorient - Olympique Marseille
Referee: Clément Turpin
Assistant Referees: Cyril Gringore, Nicolas Danos
Fourth Official: Pierre Gaillouste

05.03.17 17:00 CET
Toulouse FC - LOSC Lille
Referee: Johan Hamel
Assistant Referees: Pierre Chevreux, Yannick Boutry
Fourth Official: Faouzi Benchabane

05.03.17 21:00 CET
AS Monaco - FC Nantes
Referee: Mikael Lesage 
Assistant Referees: Djemel Zitouni, Matthieu Lombard
Fourth Official: Thomas Leonard


DFB Pokal (Quarterfinals)

28.02.17 18:30 CET
Eintracht Frankfurt - Arminia Bielefeld
Referee: Felix Zwayer
Assistant Referees: Thorsten Schiffner, Marco Achmüller
Fourth Official: Timo Gerach

28.02.17 20:45 CET
Sportfreunde Lotte - Borussia Dortmund
Referee: Dr. Felix Brych
Assistant Referees: Mark Borsch, Stefan Lupp
Fourth Official: Bibiana Steinhaus

01.03.17 18:30 CET
Hamburger SV - Borussia Mönchengladbach
Referee: Marco Fritz
Assistant Referees: Domink Schaal, Arno Blos
Fourth Official: Frank Willenborg 

01.03.17 20:45 CET
Bayern München - Schalke 04
Referee: Daniel Siebert
Assistant Referees: Lasse Koslowski, Jan Seidel
Fourth Official: Dr. Robert Kampka 

Bundesliga (MD 23)

03.03.17 20:30 CET
FC Augsburg - RB Leipzig
Referee: Patrick Ittrich 
Assistant Referees: Norbert Grudzinski, Holger Henschel
Fourth Official: Christof Günsch

04.03.17 15:30 CET
Borussia Dortmund - Bayer Leverkusen
Referee: Christian Dingert
Assistant Referees: Tobias Christ, Arne Aarnink
Fourth Official: Marcel Pelgrim

04.03.17 15:30 CET
1. FC Köln - Bayern München
Referee: Dr. Jochen Drees 
Assistant Referees: Timo Gerach, Christian Gittelmann
Fourth Official: Mike Pickel

04.03.17 15:30 CET
1899 Hoffenheim - FC Ingolstadt
Referee: Bastian Dankert
Assistant Referees: René Rohde, Markus Häcker
Fourth Official: Dominik Schaal

04.03.17 15:30 CET
1. FSV Mainz 05 - VfL Wolfsburg
Referee: Benjamin Cortus
Assistant Referees: Daniel Schlager, Florian Badstübner
Fourth Official: Christian Fischer

04.03.17 15:30 CET
Werder Bremen - SV Darmstadt 98
Referee: Guido Winkmann 
Assistant Referees: Christian Bandurski, Arno Blos
Fourth Official: Sören Storks

04.03.17 18:30 CET
Borussia Mönchengladbach - Schalke 04
Referee: Manuel Gräfe 
Assistant Referees: Guido Kleve, Markus Sinn
Fourth Official: Sven Jablonski

05.03.17 15:30 CET
Eintracht Frankfurt - SC Freiburg
Referee: Günter Perl 
Assistant Referees: Thomas Stein, Michael Emmer
Fourth Official: Dr. Martin Thomsen

05.03.17 17:30 CET
Hamburger SV - Hertha BSC
Referee: Dr. Felix Brych
Assistant Referees: Mark Borsch, Stefan Lupp
Fourth Official: Florian Heft 


Coppa Italia (Semifinals, First Leg)

28.02.17 20:45 CET
Juventus - SSC Napoli
Referee: Paolo Valeri
Assistant Referees: Alessandro Costanzo, Matteo Passeri
Fourth Official: Gianluca Rocchi

01.03.17 20:45 CET
SS Lazio - AS Roma
Referee: Massimiliano Irrati 
Assistant Referees: Riccardo Di Fiore, Lorenzo Manganelli
Fourth Official: Davide Massa

Serie A (MD 27)

04.03.17 15:00 CET
AS Roma - SSC Napoli
Referee: Luca Banti
Assistant Referees: Mauro Tonolini, Elenito Giovanni Di Liberatore
Additional Assistant Referees: Daniele Orsato, Piero Giacomelli
Fourth Official: Salvatore Longo

04.03.17 18:00 CET
UC Sampdoria - Delfino Pescara 1936
Referee: Fabrizio Pasqua  
Assistant Referees: Riccardo Di Fiore, Alessandro Lo Cicero
Additional Assistant Referees: Davide Massa, Marco Serra
Fourth Official: Gianluca Cariolato

04.03.17 20:45 CET
AC Milan - Chievo Verona
Referee: Fabio Maresca 
Assistant Referees: Lorenzo Manganelli, Valentino Fiorito
Additional Assistant Referees: Paolo Tagliavento, Federico La Penna
Fourth Official: Andrea Marzaloni

05.03.17 12:30 CET
Atalanta - ACF Fiorentina
Referee: Marco Guida 
Assistant Referees: Matteo Passeri, Valerio Pegorin
Additional Assistant Referees: Paolo Valeri, Davide Ghersini
Fourth Official: Rodolfo Di Vuolo

05.03.17 15:00 CET
Cagliari Calcio - FC Internazionale
Referee: Marco Di Bello 
Assistant Referees: Alessandro Giallatini, Giorgio Peretti
Additional Assistant Referees: Paolo Silvio Mazzoleni, Filippo Valeriani
Fourth Official: Gianmattia Tasso

05.03.17 15:00 CET
FC Crotone - US Sassuolo Calcio
Referee: Michael Fabbri 
Assistant Referees: Marco Barbirati, Alessio Tolfo
Additional Assistant Referees: Gianluca Rocchi, Ivano Pezzuto
Fourth Official: Fabrizio Posado

05.03.17 15:00 CET
Empoli FC - Genoa CFC
Referee: Daniele Doveri 
Assistant Referees: Alfonso Marrazzo, Mauro Vivenzi
Additional Assistant Referees: Luca Pairetto, Antonio Rapuano
Fourth Official: Gianluca Vuoto

05.03.17 15:00 CET
Torino FC - US Città di Palermo
Referee: Nicola Rizzoli 
Assistant Referees: Luca Mondin, Stefano Del Giovane
Additional Assistant Referees: Claudio Gavillucci, Daniele Martinelli
Fourth Official: Pasquale De Meo

05.03.17 15:00 CET
Udinese Calcio - Juventus
Referee: Antonio Damato 
Assistant Referees: Giulio Dobosz, Filippo Valeriani
Additional Assistant Referees: Massimiliano Irrati, Juan Luca Sacchi
Fourth Official: Ciro Carbone

05.03.17 20:45 CET
Bologna FC - SS Lazio
Referee: Carmine Russo
Assistant Referees: Alessandro Costanzo, Alberto Tegoni
Additional Assistant Referees: Domenico Celi, Eugenio Abbattista
Fourth Official: Claudio La Rocca


La Liga (MD 25)

28.02.17 19:30 CET
Real Sociedad de Fútbol - Sociedad Deportiva Eibar 
Referee: Alberto Undiano Mallenco
Assistant Referees: Roberto Alonso Fernández, Jesús Zancada Lobato
Fourth Official: David Recio Moreno

28.02.17 21:30 CET
Málaga Club de Fútbol - Real Betis Balompié 
Referee: Alejandro José Hernández Hernández
Assistant Referees: Teodoro Sobrino Magán, José Enrique Naranjo Pérez
Fourth Official: Raúl Martín González Francés

28.02.17 21:30 CET
Valencia Club de Fútbol - Club Deportivo Leganés 
Referee: Iñaki Vicandi Garrido
Assistant Referees: Andoni Huerga Cermeño, Aitor Villate Martínez
Fourth Official: Josep Subirats Matamoros

01.03.17 19:30 CET
Fútbol Club Barcelona - Real Sporting de Gijón 
Referee: José María Sánchez Martínez
Assistant Referees: Juan Carlos Yuste Jiménez, José Gallego García
Fourth Official: Iván Caparrós Hernández

01.03.17 19:30 CET
Club Atlético Osasuna - Villarreal Club de Fútbol 
Referee: Jose Luis González González
Assistant Referees: José María Sánchez Santos, Ignacio Rubio Palomino
Fourth Official: Germán Cid Camacho

01.03.17 21:30 CET
Real Club Celta de Vigo - Real Club Deportivo Espanyol de Barcelona 
Referee: Santiago Jaime Latre
Assistant Referees: Jorge Bueno Mateo, Fernando Tresaco Escabosa
Fourth Official: Alejandro Sánchez Alba

01.03.17 21:30 CET
Granada Club de Fútbol - Deportivo Alavés 
Referee: Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva
Assistant Referees: Alfonso Costoya Rodríguez, Enrique José Ramos Ferreiros
Fourth Official: Ricardo Escudero Marín

01.03.17 21:30 CET
Real Madrid Club de Fútbol - Unión Deportiva Las Palmas 
Referee: David Fernández Borbalán
Assistant Referees: Raúl Cabañero Martínez, Jorge Canelo Prieto
Fourth Official: Cristóbal Jesús Montoro Garrido

02.03.17 20:45 CET
Real Club Deportivo de La Coruña - Club Atlético de Madrid 
Referee: Carlos Clos Gómez
Assistant Referees: Javier Aguilar Rodríguez, Jon Núñez Fernández
Fourth Official: Daniel David Baiges Dones

02.03.17 21:30 CET
Sevilla Fútbol Club - Athletic Club
Referee: Daniel Ocón Arráiz
Assistant Referees: Iñigo Prieto López de Ceraín, David Canales Cerdá
Fourth Official: José Manuel Fernández Fernández

La Liga (MD 26)

03.03.17 20:45 CET
Real Betis Balompié - Real Sociedad de Fútbol 
Referee: Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva
Assistant Referees: Alfonso Costoya Rodríguez, Enrique José Ramos Ferreiros
Fourth Official: Sergio Espasandín Cores

04.03.17 13:00 CET
Club Deportivo Leganés - Granada Club de Fútbol 
Referee: Juan Martínez Munuera
Assistant Referees: Javier Aguilar Rodríguez, César Manuel Noval Font
Fourth Official: Luis Collado López

04.03.17 16:15 CET
Sociedad Deportiva Eibar - Real Madrid Club de Fútbol
Referee: Jose Luis González González
Assistant Referees: José María Sánchez Santos, José Luis Martínez Serrato
Fourth Official: Fernando Román Román

04.03.17 18:30 CET
Villarreal Club de Fútbol - Real Club Deportivo Espanyol de Barcelona 
Referee: Ricardo De Burgos Bengoetxea
Assistant Referees: César García Fernández, Iker De Francisco Grijalba
Fourth Official: Antonio Artacho Cobo

04.03.17 20:45 CET
Fútbol Club Barcelona - Real Club Celta de Vigo 
Referee: Jesús Gil Manzano
Assistant Referees: Ángel Nevado Rodríguez, José Manuel Fernández Miranda
Fourth Official: Antonio Monter Solans

05.03.17 12:00 CET
Real Sporting de Gijón - Real Club Deportivo de La Coruña 
Referee: Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz
Assistant Referees: Pau Cebrián Devís, Javier Martínez Nicolás
Fourth Official: Xabier Gómez Landazábal

05.03.17 16:15 CET
Club Atlético de Madrid - Valencia Club de Fútbol
Referee: Javier Estrada Fernández
Assistant Referees: Diego Barbero Sevilla, Francisco Javier Martín García
Fourth Official: Rubén Ávalos Barrera

05.03.17 18:30 CET
Unión Deportiva Las Palmas - Club Atlético Osasuna
Referee: Carlos Del Cerro Grande
Assistant Referees: Juan Carlos Yuste Jiménez, Abrahám Álvarez Cantón
Fourth Official: Antonio Santos Pargaña

05.03.17 20:45 CET
Athletic Club - Málaga Club de Fútbol 
Referee: Alfonso Javier Álvarez Izquierdo
Assistant Referees: Juan Carlos Barranco Trejo, Joan Méndez Mateo
Fourth Official: José Emilio Sánchez Aparicio

06.03.17 20:45 CET
Deportivo Alavés - Sevilla Fútbol Club 
Referee: Daniel Jesús Trujillo Suárez
Assistant Referees: Marcos Álvarez Moreno, José Carlos Escuela Melo
Fourth Official: Jerónimo Montes García Navas


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0I27f_XPw8
    Very interesting case from last week's Ligue 1 game Angers SCO - SC Bastia.
    Correct decision, in my opinion to send off the player, after his action against fourth official.
    My question is: was in this case the substitution already done? Should we consider the player already out? When he hits fourth official's board, he seems to be still on the pitch.
    This substitution was confirmed and the player sent off, but I think we can discuss about a possible annulment.

    1. Apologies for late reply :)
      The substitution was completed when the substitution player entered field of play. So correct decision and excellent team work.

  2. Björn Kuipers has the Eredivisie game between AZ Alkmaar and SBV Excelsior on 5 March (Sunday) with regular assistants Sander van Roekel and Erwin E. J. Zeinstra... I think Kuipers will get the Borussia Dortmund v Benfica CL Round of 16 tie on Wednesday and he would really fit in well for this very crucial match!!

    1. Very interesting, I think that this appointment on 5 March should rule him out from Napoli - Real Madrid two days later. In that case, Çakır would be the first candidate for this game.

    2. Yes indeed, and I was always expecting Napoli v Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund v Benfica to be shared between Çakir and Kuipers!! These two are by some distance the most reliable names for these 2 very, very important clashes and they would deserve it!!

  3. AFC (reduced from 10 to 5 referees)
    1. Kate Jacewicz (AUS, 1985)
    2. Oh Hyeon Jeong (KOR, 1988)
    3. Casey Reibelt (AUS, 1988)
    4. Ri Hyang Ok (PRK, 1977)
    5. Yoshimi Yamashita (JPN, 1986)

    CAF (reduced from 10 to 6 referees)
    1. Jonesia Kabakama (TAN, 1989)
    2. Gladys Lengwe (ZAM, 1978)
    3. Salima Mukasanga (RWA, 1988)
    4. Therese Neguel (CMR, 1981)
    9. Ledya Tafesse (ETH, 1980)
    6. Fatou Thioune (SEN, 1985)

    CONCACAF (reduced from 9 to 7 referees)
    1. Quetzalli Alvarado (MEX, 1975)
    2. Marianela Araya (CRC, 1988)
    3. Marie-Soleil Beaudoin (CAN, 1982)
    4. Melissa Borjas (HON, 1986)
    5. Carol Anne Chenard (CAN, 1977)
    6. Ekaterina Koroleva (USA, 1987)
    7. Lucila Venegas (MEX, 1981)

    CONMEBOL (reduced from 8 to 6 referees)
    1. Edina Alves (BRA, 1980)
    2. Maria Carvajal (CHI, 1983)
    3. Laura Fortunato (ARG, 1985)
    4. Olga Miranda (PAR, 1982)
    5. Silvia Reyes (PER, 1981)
    6. Claudia Umpierrez (URU, 1983)

    OFC (reduced from 3 to 2 referees)
    1. Anna-Marie Keighley (NZL, 1982)
    2. Finau Vulivuli (FIJ, 1982)

    UEFA (16 referees)
    1. Jana Adamkova (CZE, 1978)
    2. Teodora Albon (ROU, 1977)
    3. Sandra Braz (POR, 1978)
    4. Stephanie Frappart (FRA, 1983)
    5 Riem Hussein (GER, 1980)
    6. Katalin Kulcsar (HUN, 1984)
    7. Pernilla Larsson (SWE, 1976)
    8. Efthalia Mitsi (GRE, 1980)
    9. Kateryna Monzul (UKR, 1981)
    10. Monika Mularczyk (POL, 1980)
    11. Morag Pirie (SCO, 1975)
    12. Anastasia Pustovoitova (RUS, 1981)
    13. Esther Staubli (SUI, 1979)
    14. Bibiana Steinhaus (GER, 1979)
    15. Carina Vitulano (ITA, 1975)
    16. Olga Zadinova (CZE, 1985)

    RefereeingWorld reports Kari Seitz has designated this is as the new preselected list for WWC 2019 France. I think we can assume the (twelve) Women's EURO referees will come from the sixteen on the preselection list.

  4. Watch this penalty:


    That is a big thing in Croatia because penalty was in favor of Dinamo,89 minute was being played.

    1. Very (very) soft award from my view, basically a crucial mistake. I think he ran to the left too late and basically had to guess the contact, which from the right could have looked big enough for a foul, and he had to look through a lot of players.

      Referee was Damir Batinic?

    2. I would say inexistent: "too soft" would be already too much :)

    3. Yes,Damir Batinic.

    4. If you read those comments under the video you can find lots of comments by Dinamo fans that are ashamed on what is going one in Croatia for years. When they are asking for regularity in the championship, you can understand what amount of protection Dinamo had and is having in their league. Dinamo is from Zagreb, capital of Croatia, and Rijeka and Hajduk, the greatest Dinamo rivals, are from smaller cities on the seaside, so Football Federation and Mamic are doing everything for Dinamo to be the champions, and that is happening for decades. Everybody knows that, of course, it never was a secret. Dinamo fans had it enough know. This is so obvious, and great disgrace.
      Somme of the comments:
      "Enjoy the beauty of Croatian football"
      "Oh, what is this? The man didn't touch him"
      "I would understand it if it was penalty for Cibalia"
      "D I S G R A C E"
      "Haha. You are still wondering? That's Dinamo. Croatian champion for more than 10 years in a row. That's how and in a what way".

  5. sc Heerenveen - Go Ahead Eagles vr. 3 maart (20.00 uur) Van de Graaf Strijker en Lapar C. Mulder
    FC Twente - Willem II za. 4 maart (18.30 uur) Kamphuis Honig en Siebert Pérez
    PSV - Roda JC za. 4 maart (19.45 uur) Janssen Dobre en Kleinjan Dieperink
    PEC Zwolle - Vitesse za. 4 maart (20.45 uur) Lindhout De Vries en Janson Van der Eijk
    AZ - Excelsior zo. 5 maart (12.30 uur) Kuipers Van Roekel en Zeinstra Van den Kerkhof
    Sparta Rotterdam - Feyenoord zo. 5 maart (12.30 uur) Makkelie Diks en Steegstra Lindhout
    FC Groningen - Ajax zo. 5 maart (14.30 uur) Nijhuis Van de Ven en Schaap Bax
    FC Utrecht - ADO Den Haag zo. 5 maart (14.30 uur) Gözübüyük Goossens en Van Dongen Gerrets
    N.E.C. - Heracles Almelo zo. 5 maart (16.45 uur) Van Boekel De Nas en Ketting Oostrom

  6. Sooooo....I assume they're not counting Clattenburg's "four matches" too closely, are they? Using him as Fourth Official in West Brom vs Crystal Palace...

  7. JUVENTUS - NAPOLI (Paolo Valeri)

    13' - push inside the box, SPA vs DOGSO

    46' - Juventus' penalty

    68' - Napoli's penalty appeal and Juventus' penalty

    82' - kick from behind

    Really poor reaction from Napoli sporting director and GK:

    1. On the penalty appeals:

      What is your view on the 1st given penalty? Clear, or did the attacker seek the contact? Or both? :)

      68': the NAP appeal is not enough for me, the attacker would have probably fallen even without a contact or at least tried to provoke it. The contact itself is not careless but accidental for me. The penalty given is justifiable, as Reina played the ball, but in an uncontrolled manner and at the same time carelessly fouled the attacker.

      What is your view, Ray?

    2. 1st penalty: careless stamp on the foot, clear penalty
      2nd penalty: fully agree with you

      13' - penalty and red card should have been given
      82' - missed at least YC

    3. What you think about the ball position (penalty)?
      LOG say that the ball must be on the penalty mark.
      I saw many situations when the player's had try to put the ball as much possible forward. My question for discusion - what really mean the words "on the penalty mark"?

    4. One interprets it as centrally on the penalty mark, other as the ball has to touch the penalty mark in any way. Don't know if there is any official instruction...

    5. http://www.dutchreferee.com/bacca-touching-the-ball-twice-at-penalty-kick/

    6. Compare (even though video has been deleted in the meantime)


    7. A question: What about the positioning of the AR in case of the penalties? Why did he stayed out on the sideline, instead of going in to the cross goalline/PA-line?

  8. The Eternal derby (also called the derby of Southeast Europe) is the local derby in Belgrade, Serbia, between fierce city rivals Red Star Belgrade and Partizan Belgrade!
    Saturday,04.03.2017, 18:00
    Red Star(Belgrade) - Partizan (Belgrade)
    Referee: Milorad Mazic(SRB)
    Assistant Referees: Milovan Ristić,Dalibor Đurđević;
    Danilo Grujić, Nenad Đokić
    Fourth Official: Nemanja Petrović.

    1. Surprising appointment... ;-)

    2. Isn't it the same every time?
      How many times did he already refereed this match? I think it is quite boring to appoint always the same referee for the same game. I mean that Mazic is a great referee and a safe appointment, but isn't it a bit demotivating for the other ones in Serbia?

    3. Yes @david02, hm...changes in delegations:
      Red Star(Belgrade)-Partizan(Belgrade)
      Referee: VUJOVIĆ Majo
      A1: ŽIVIN Svetozar
      A2: ŠUTULOVIĆ Milan
      Fourth Official: MILUTINOVIĆ Srđan
      AA1: OBRADOVIĆ Srđan
      AA2: LUKIĆ Lazar

    4. Do you know why Mažić got replaced?
      Big pressure on Vujović now by it seems especially Crvena Zvezda...

  9. Can someone please give some information on Çüneyt Çakir's appointment in the Turkish league this matchweek?? Which day is Çakir appointed??

    1. Sunday 26/ Feb
      Osmanlıspor FK - Medipol Başakşehir F.K
      Referee: Cüneyt Çakır (Turkey)
      Assistant Referees: Tarik Ongun, Alpaslan Dedes (Turkey)

      B Duran was not appointed in the most recent matchday

    2. I was actually asking about the next matchweeks... I mean 4th - 6th March... Does Çakir have any appointment there?? 🤔

    3. Sorry! TFF have not released their designations yet for the next matchday, I think they will even be released tomorrow on this page:


    4. http://www.tff.org/Default.aspx?pageID=198&hafta=23#macctl00_MPane_m_198_935_ctnr_m_198_935

      Or rather here!^

    5. Thanks Mikael 🙂 I'll be surely checking this out tomorrow!! 🙂

    6. No appointments for Cakir in Turkish Super League this week-end, if I'm not wrong. Indeed he got two or three games in a row on last matchdays... possible to see him in CL on Tuesday in Naples!

    7. Would be a perfect appointment in my opinion!! So that would possibly mean Kuipers in Dortmund??

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Germany-England in Dortmund (22/03): Damir Skomina, Jure Praprotnik, Robert Vukan, Matej Jug

    1. Is it a friendly game?? Or a World Cup qualifier??

  12. Jonas Eriksson ruled out of Monaco v Manchester City considering Bo Karlsson is the observer... So who is most likely to be appointed for that clash now??? Daniele Orsato or Deniz Aytekin or somebody else??

  13. Jonas Eriksson and Damir Skomina will officiate in Qatar on 3 and 4 March respectively.

    03/03/2017, 14:55 CET
    Al-Khor - Al-Arabi
    Referee: Jonas Eriksson
    Assistant Referee 1: Mathias Klasenius
    Assistant Referee 2: Daniel Wärnmark

    04/03/2017, 14:55 CET
    Al-Rayyan - Al-Wakrah
    Referee: Damir Skomina
    Assistant Referee 1: Andraž Kovačič
    Assistant Referee 2: Grega Kordež

  14. Sergey Karasev has an appointment on Sunday. He will be in charge of Terek (Grozny) - Tom' (Tomsk).

  15. No comments about last night's match Real-Las Palmas?! Extraordinary match, but tough one for Borbolan, red card (absolutely deserved - in fact, Bale should get RC immediately because it wasn't tripping, it was kicking an opponent from the back with clear intention), two penalties, both given by the ARs (first correct, second for Real I don't think so, and it came as decisive moment in the game), several doubtful decisions - the last came by giving first corner for Real (second one came after first, after which Real scored 3rd goal).
    Here you can find some important situations:

    1. I forgot: 1st goal for Real was offside. Not an easy situation though - prior and after that AR1 had several tough but excellent offside decisions, and every time he raised his flag. But, what we are having at the end: all 3 Real goals are... well, doubtful. Or I should say - IMO they all came after referee's mistakes. All 3 (third goal after ghost corner, given by AR2, who also gave penalty for Real few minutes before).

  16. Tasos Sidiropoulos had a Cup match yesterday. He doesn't have a league match this weekend. So he could have a match next week (either CL or EL).

    1. Is there any suitable CL match for him on 7th and 8th?? Arsenal v Bayern seems to the only available option!!

    2. He got already Zenit - Anderlecht, I don't think he will be appointed again, at least for now.

    3. No chance in EL Round of 16 as well??? 😕

    4. @Chefren

      I do believe that Sidiropoulos he has a match.

  17. Hungarian First Division
    Hungarian Derby
    Referee: Adam Farkas (FIFA)
    Assistant Referees: György Ring (FIFA), Balázs Buzás (FIFA)
    Additional Assistant Referees: Balázs Berke, Szabolcs Szilasi
    Fourth Official: Zsolt Varga (FIFA)

    Videoton-Budapest Honvéd
    Referee: Sándor Andó-Szabó (FIFA)
    Assistant Referees: Balázs Farkas, Balázs Szert
    Additional Assistant Referees: Zoltán Iványi, Adam Németh
    Fourth Official: Gábor Varga

    Referee: István Vad (FIFA)
    Assistant Referees: István Albert (FIFA), János Medovarszki
    Additional Assistant Referees: Gergely Szőts, Gyöngyi Gaál (W.FIFA)
    Fourth Official: Oszkár Lémon (FIFA)

    Referee: Viktor Kassai (FIFA)
    Assistant Referees: Balázs Huszár, Péter Kóbor (FIFA)
    Additional Assistant Referees: Tamás Bognár (FIFA), János Takács
    Fourth Official: Zoltán Horváth

    Referee: Peter Solymosi
    Assistant Referees: Peter Berettyán, Tamás Márkus
    Additional Assistant Referees:Zsolt Szabó, KAtalin Kulcsár (W.FIFA)
    Fourth Official: Georgiou Theodoros (FIFA)

    Referee: József Erdős
    Assistant Referees: Vencel Tóth (FIFA), Dániel Szalai
    Additional Assistant Referees: Csaba Pintér, Attila Molnár
    Fourth Official: László Viszokai (FIFA)

    1. Viktor Kassai again appointed. What do you think about situation in the CL or EL? I feel that he will get next week (14-15 March)CL. Maybe Juventus- Porto.

    2. I just posted below... Viktor Kassai is just returning from an injury so a CL clash is highly unlikely in this round... Moreover he isn't out with his regular assistants!! An EL R16 2nd leg clash would be ideal as an warm-up and then CL shall automatically follow!!! He needs to spend some time in the middle after this injury break before he takes charge of an important CL game!! 🙂

    3. Also this is the 1st time in about 3 years or so that Viktor Kassai is not doing the big Hungarian derby... Effect of the thigh injury which he picked up during the winter break!! I wish him an excellent remainder of the season!! 🙂

    4. No. When he was refereed last time Ferencváros game. He had more big decisions. And the Boss of the Ferencváros he criticized him in the media more times and asked the Hungarian FA that Kassai will not referring to Ferencvaros game in the future.

    5. That we will find out later!! Moreover that has got nothing to do with his injury or European appointments!!

  18. Update : After a long injury break, Viktor Kassai is now fit and will be making a return to the Hungarian league NB1 in this matchweek... He has a game on 4th March but not with his regular assistants Ring and Toth!!! So a R16 CL clash is unlikely... I would expect Kassai to be given an EL R16 2nd leg match as a warm-up at first and maybe then an important CL Quarter Final game... All in all it's an excellent news to hear that Viktor is back from his injury and fully fit now!! 🙂

    1. Why long break? In Hungary had winter break. This is the third round in Hungary in this season. I am not sure that he was injury.When he was last time injured he appointed firsty AAR and later as Referee. But who knows?

    2. Viktor Kassai had picked up a thigh injury during the beginning of the winter break and hence had to stay out of refereeing for about 2 and a half months or so... I don't know what happened last time with appointments after injury but I know that this time he was injured from which he has now recovered and is back in the middle!! If you don't want to believe that's fine as well, no problems!! 🙂

  19. From Sidiropoulos' cup game yesterday. DOGSO + red card in the penalty area.


    1. Thanks for posting. A good example of an opponent-targeted foul (DOGSO) where the red card is suitable even after the LotG revision.

  20. When will the results of the previous round of Guess the referee competition be announced?? And when are we going to enter our predictions for the appointments that will be announced tomorrow??

    1. It is possible from now on, the results of previous rankings will be announced in due course!!!!

    2. Thanks Niclas 🙂 Entered my predictions... Now hoping that Collina agrees with them!! 😛

    3. Thanks Niclas 🙂 Entered my predictions... Now hoping that Collina agrees with them!! 😛

  21. Kevin Friend in Manchester United - Bournemouth missed a clear second YC (at least) if not straight RC to Ibrahimovic for reckless use of elbow / intentional elbow.

    1. I can confirm that Kevin Friend had an absolutely dreadful performance at Old Trafford tonight... So many KMIs were wrongly adjudged that I've honestly lost count... A massive contender for the worst refereeing performance in PL this season and possibly will win that award as well!! A total off day for Kevin Friend... Rather a nightmare I must say!!

  22. To say that Friend's performance today is the worst, speaks volumes!!! Especially in a season in which the level of officiating in the Premier had been truly dreadful.
    But to be brutally honest. I am not at all surprised that modern football no longer resembles the beautiful game it once was. Or now at times more closely resembles mixed martial arts or rugby. All this thanks to a combination of poor training, poor instruction, and this current trend in which is become perfectly acceptable for a referee to be overly permissible while trampling the Laws of the Game. Combine all those factors with today's "modern" referee who becomes spineless in his matches by bowing down to the powers that be and their disastrous effect on the beautiful game.

    1. More Castrilli's and less Busacca's is what is desperately needed ASAP!

    2. As always, I have to agree with Nando! Below examples how things are solved in Poland (in all cases only verbal warning has been issued)...


  23. Madley with a super shocking decision to not send off Emre Can (second yellow).
    Instead he said ro the Arsenal players "he didn't touch him" and gave a yellow card for Arsenal for protest.

  24. Offside decisions from Roma - Napoli (serie A).

    29': deliberate play? (at any rate, flag by Tonolini is a quite blatant mistake)

    90'+2: Punishable offside by Dzeko (the player who doesn't get the ball)? Flag was not raised. I agree with Tonolini this time.

  25. Some scenes from Ligue 1 this weekend.

    1) Girondins de Bordeaux - Olympique Lyonnais (Frank Schneider, AR1 Nicolas Henninot): Clear offside goal allowed.

    2) Paris Saint-Germain - AS Nancy-Lorraine (Antony Gautier): Penalty kick leading to PSG's deciding goal.

    3) FC Metz - Stade Rennais (Benoît Millot): Simulation by Cheick Diabaté

    4) SC Bastia - AS Saint-Étienne (Nicolas Rainville): RC to Saint-Ruf (Bastia) for shocking SFP.

    5) SC Bastia - AS Saint-Étienne (Nicolas Rainville): RC to Lemoine (Saint-Étienne) after a very high leg challenge.

    1. 1) Not too difficult to see...
      2) Difficult, player starts falling early, but there is still some impact by the GK; Shuld be YC in case of foul
      3)- 5) Good decisions

  26. Bundesliga scenes:
    1) Referee: Ittrich, Decision: Free kick, no card
    2) Referee: Dingert, Decision: Penalty, YC for #18
    3) Referee: Drees, Decision: Play on
    4) Referee: Dankert, Decision: Play on
    5) Referee: Perl, Decision: Play on
    6) Referee: Brych, Decision: Play on


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